Comment on successful bike trick

  • Well I'll be.
  • That's one helluva trick.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Hey! Are you okay?
  • You watch out here!

When into her bump friend

  • Hey! Careful.
  • Stand in there.
  • Careful. You never know who you might be walking into you know.

When into her bump others students and enemies

  • Watch it kid. I know an NSA agent you know!
  • Watch your step or you'll get hurt!
  • Hey! Don't be stupid!
  • Why don't you watch out?
  • Keep your eyes open dummy!
  • You're walking around with your eyes shut or something?
  • Watch it. Don't make me warn you again.

When someone's getting hit with his car

  • Watch out for my damn car!
  • How didn't you see me? You blind!?
  • Watch my paintwork!
  • Now get out of the damn way. Do you here?
  • You better have a damn good explanation for this.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Oh my god! I'm being targeted by CSS agents.
  • Damn! People needed to slow down a little!
  • How did you not see me you moron!?

When busting someone

  • Don't let me catch you doing that again kid!
  • I'll punish you myself if they let me!
  • You. Should be locked up!
  • Kids like you should be made to fear authority!
  • I'd lock you up and throw away the key!
  • I blame it on those darn video games!

Saying Goodbye

  • I gotta get back to the shop!
  • I better get back before anyone notices I'm gone.
  • I'm really need to squeeze out a loaf. See ya.

Calling prefects and teachers for help

  • Hey! Somebody help me already!
  • I'm being attacked over here! Someone help me!

When chasing someone

  • Wait till I'll catch you!
  • You can't escape me!

When someone hide from her

  • I ain't follow you there. Come out here!
  • That ain't fair! Get back here and face me!

Out of breath

  • Sheesh...I'm out of breath...

Walking around talking to himself

  • It's only paranoia if it isn't true.
  • If you put a totally cold water and bring it to a boil they told it doesn't notice the heat and boils alive.
  • Age was created as a biological weapon by France.
  • The KGB were on reagan's pair role.
  • The government puts fluoride in the water to pacify the population.
  • Lumberjacks and cotton producers have conspired to ban production.


  • Things like this wouldn't have happened if they hadn't got JFK.
  • I can't believe things like this are allowed to happen.

When confused

  • I just don't get it.


  • Hey. Good job there!
  • You did well! You did real well!

During a conversation

  • And here's another thing I probably don't want you know.
  • Which reminds me. Listen to this.
  • The police around these parts are in league with the CIA.
  • I heard that the Bilderberg Group are planning to destabilize the US dollar.
  • All the teachers from this damn school think they're special.
  • I don't like outsiders. You can never trust them.
  • The illuminati have infiltrated every level about government.
  • I tell you the kids these days are scare me. They're capable have anything.
  • I hear there's a particularly nasty one amongst the new students this year.
  • Damn carnival is coming to town. Best screwed out anything that can be stolen.
  • Damn I hate winter. I'm gonna have to turn the heating on soon.
  • Hot damn. Did you see all those nudie pictures around town?
  • Looks like Jimmy whipped everyone into shape.
  • I just can't wait for those damn kids to clear off for the summer.
  • I know man. It's a damn conspiracy.
  • I'm with you there buddy.
  • Even I can't believe that.
  • Surely not.
  • I'd be out of a job if these damn electrique cars ever take off.
  • People just don't take my ID is seriously enough.
  • I wish I'd never taking part in the CIA's MK culture program back in the day. I'm still getting funny dreams.
  • Sometimes I think I should have worked at a military intelligence school.
  • I hear ya.
  • It sucks, don't it?
  • I can't say I believe you there.
  • Are you sure about that?
  • There are no terrorists. It's government plot to make us of scared.
  • There's a whole new world order already begun. And what at the center of it all?
  • Apathetic an illuminati run the world. And they're to eliminate Christianity?
  • Politicians get special access to all major sporting events for free. That ain't fair.
  • Okay then. Keep safe.
  • Goodbye. Stay silent.
  • See you later then.
  • I'm going to expose this damn conspiracy. I swear it!
  • I'm gonna write a book about my life one day!
  • If another kid gives me leap in class I'm gonna give him a beating to remember!
  • I've got it all figured out. You know?
  • Good for you buddy!
  • Now that's what I like to hear!
  • Can't say I'm surprised to hear that!
  • Have you ever actually seen a terrorist?
  • Did you ever wish you ran the world?
  • Did you ever believe what a politician said to you?
  • Have you ever tasted colors?
  • No. Of course I haven't.
  • Don't be absurd.
  • I did once actually.
  • I think I did once. But it was eight years ago.


  • That's revolting.

Hit by friendly fire

  • Why are you trying to hit me you darn kid?
  • You kids are all the same. Much too aggressive.
  • I'll only tell you what. Don't frickin' hit me again.

While fighting

  • You just too weak for this fight!
  • What do you think you doing getting into a fight with someone like me!?
  • You haven't even hit me properly yet!
  • Have you ever even had a fight before!?

When knocked out

  • It's a conspiracy-ahhhhh...
  • What did you do that forrrr...?!
  • What did I do to deserve THAT?!
  • That wasn't fair! Ahhhhhh....
  • You cheated...!
  • Call a doctorrrr...!

Starting a fight

  • I ain't afraid to kick your butt you know!?
  • I reckon you bash for this!
  • I'm almost sorry to have to do this to you!

In the balls

  • Aaaahhhh... I CAN'T SEE anything! Ooooohhhhhhhh...

When spat on

  • Ugh! You dirty little PRICK!

Watching a fight

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • Get him!
  • Kick his butt!

When someone hit him

  • Holy crap! It's the CIA!
  • You're coming to get me!

Receiving a gift

  • Clever boy!
  • Let's keep quiet about this, okay?

Giving a gift

  • Here. You can have this.

While greeting friends

  • Morning!
  • Good to see you!
  • Hey! Hi buddy!

Requesting an errand

  • Listen up. This is more complicated than a government plot.
  • Okay. Pay attention to what I'm about to say.
  • I'd like your help if you can spare the time.
  • So, if you sure you can help me out this is what we need to do.

Being indignant

  • What's that for?
  • What?
  • What do you want?

Some insults of enemies

  • You like some right-wing fascist!
  • I hate you and your kind!
  • You're not walking around here!


  • Hahaha! You're a darn jerk!
  • laughing* You make me laugh!

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