"Give him a chance. Let him join if he can beat Fatty's ConSumo high score."
— Bucky Pasteur

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Nerd Challenge is a non-storyline challenge mission first available in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Nerd Challenge
A screenshot of ConSumo.
Location: Dragon's Wing Comics Store
Time(s) Available: Any
Reward: Bottle Rocket Launcher
Nerd Save Location
Unlocks: Comic Klepto

Mission Summary

Jimmy Hopkins enters the Dragon's Wing Comics store where store clerk Zack Owens reveals to him that there is a 'club meeting' downstairs in the basement, and to go right ahead. Jimmy thanks him and heads into the basement of the shop through the door behind the front counter.

Algernon Papadopoulos, Fatty Johnson, and Bucky Pasteur are in the basement crowded around a Grottos & Gremlins board. Algie is screaming at Fatty that he 'can't use diplomacy to make the elf princess do that'. Fatty argues that he can, and Jimmy interrupts them and mockingly asks if they are having fun. Fatty demands to know what Jimmy is doing there, and tells him he's not allowed to join their party. Bucky insists to give Jimmy a chance, only if he can beat Fatty's ConSumo high score of 1010lbs. Jimmy, deciding that the basement would be a decent place to crash, accepts the proposal.

He heads to the ConSumo arcade game machine in the basement, and is to play the game, which more or less simply consists of avoiding certain foods while 'eating' others. Jimmy is free to play as many times as he likes, until he beats the high score.

Once Jimmy obtains the high score, a high score listing will appear with 'JIM' at the top, followed by whatever score he obtained, as long as it is higher than Fatty's.

The Nerds are all impressed once Jimmy wins, and Bucky gives Jimmy his bottle rocket launcher, claiming that he'd always said he'd give it to whoever beat Fatty's high score.

High Scores

In this mission, the ConSumo high scores are as follows:

Name Score
FAT 1010
FAT 875
MEL 723
ALG 641

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 30 Nerd's Challenge06:34

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 30 Nerd's Challenge

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