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New Coventry is a residential and commercial area of Bullworth.

New Coventry snow

The Underpass to New Coventry.

Location Summary

New Coventry is a run-down, poor, urban area between the Blue Skies Industrial Park and Bullworth Town. During Chapter 2, it is blocked off by construction vehicles that are working on damage on the Underpass, but they clear away at the start of Chapter 3.

New Coventry heavily resembles a ghetto neighborhood in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. Most of the stores are closed down, and it has a neighborhood that appears to be somewhat of a historic district, complete with apartment buildings and tenements in the northeast.

Mainly the Greasers can be found in New Coventry, harassing and yelling at the residents, as well as running all around. Townies can also be seen, and fights between the Townies and Greasers are common. Adults and Greasers can be seen urinating in the alleys, and the Greasers often tag on the buildings.

Most of the Chapter 3 missions take place in New Coventry.


Blue Balls Pool Hall

The closed pool hall that the Greasers have turned into a hangout.

BMX Park

A building that was formerly used as a train station. It has since been converted into a skateboard and bike park.

The Final Cut

An alternative clothing store that doubles as a barber shop.

The Golden Horseshoe

A hotel near the Blue Balls Pool Hall.

Hung Lo

A Chinese restaurant that has been closed off due to police crime scene tape. It is painted red, and on the signboard red lanterns are hanging. It is a common target for vandalism by the greasers.


A junkyard in New Coventry. It is the site of the mission Fighting Johnny Vincent.

Slab 'O Meat

A meat deli that has been closed down.

Tasteful Tattoos

A tattoo parlor beside The Final Cut. It is inaccessible in the game.

The Tenements

A condemned apartment building. It is falling apart, and the greasers have turned it into a hangout. Miss Abby, as well as a few others, claim residence there.

The Underpass

A railroad bridge that runs over the main road. It separates Bullworth Town and New Coventry. After the mission Tagging, Jimmy Hopkins' tag of 'Jimmy wuz here!' remains throughout the rest of the game.

Yum Yum Market

One of three Yum Yum Market locations, run by Stan.

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