"Y'know, 'Nicole' actually means 'Queen 'f Kush'. 'S true!"
— Nicky

Physical Description

Nicky has brown, messy hair that is usually thrown into a bun, ponytail, or on it's untameable days, just down. She has green eyes framed by long eyelashes, a thin, heart-shaped face with a pointed jaw, a button nose, and full lips.

In warm weather, Nicky wears her school uniform as she's supposed to, but throws a leather jacket over it anyway. She usually doesn't get into too much trouble because of it, but if the prefects are in a bad mood, she does on occasion.

In colder weather, she adds a pair of tights under her skirt (despite hating the way it looks), and black earmuffs.

Outside of school Nicky's fashion taste is casual, though on occasion a little strange and mismatched. Despite being effeminate and loving fashion, she has horrible fashion taste and usually depends on Lola and the girls to help her pick out a decent outfit.


Mild mannered and somewhat blunt, Nicky tends to be a little too familiar upon first impression. She is a relaxed being that tends to go with the flow and live life day-to-day, to the point where it becomes a little bit of a problem. She's not very ambitious, and she has no plans for the future other than a decision to live life to the fullest.

She loves smoking, particularly marijuana. Though she hasn't dabbled in other drugs, she isn't necessarily closed to them. Nicky is usually high, prone to hotboxing the school's bathroom when she's feeling lucky and daring, and it definitely contributes to her constant relaxed feeling.

Despite all this, she's quite the realist. She's perfectly aware that her drug use will lead to nowhere. It accentuates when she overindulges on her pot smoking, leading to pessimistic and negative thoughts despite no negative emotions really leaking through.

Home Life

Though never formally rich, Nicky's family lived in the middle class area of Old Bullworth Vale when she was younger. Nicky was three years old when her father, Oliver, ran off with a younger woman and left Nicky and Jessa (Nicky's mother), never to be seen or heard from again.

Growing up, Nicky witnessed first hand Jessa-after-Oliver. Jessa was, to put it lightly, a complete and utter wreck. spending days in bouts of depression in bed resulted in her being fired from her job, and when the money ran out, the two had to relocate to a tiny apartment in New Coventry.

Not long after, Jessa was able to acquire another job cleaning offices at City Hall. In the meantime, Nicky was out on the streets of New Coventry, getting into trouble with her friends and learning about substances from the older teenagers that hung out there.

Nicky, like her friends, attends Bullworth as a result of the academy's move to allow "at risk" kids a significantly lower tuition rate to attend the academy and keep them off the streets.

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