"People try to judge me and push me around but they don't know who the hell they're messing with."

Nicole is a Senior at Bullworth Academy, she is also the girlfriend of the main character, Michael Diaz. They are often noted to be the best couple at Bullworth by many. 


She's funny, nice, charismatic and an absolute joy to be around. A very beautiful new addition to Bullworth, there's no

Nicole Borrego

A picture of Nicole on Gaia. Made by Westside JDM

way you can hate her. She's known by many to be the strong willed girl that has the heart of a lion and the maturity of someone years older then her. A strong party animal and lover of fine arts she loves someone for all of his/her flaws.

Despite having an abusive father and terrible home life she is optimistic and ready to start her "Grand Crusade" through life and achieve great things. Despite that she is also very stubborn and can get into a deep depression over such things as losing the ones she loves. She can also be sneaky, clingy, and very overprotective of those she cares about. But also willing to do the right thing for someone, even if they don't deserve it she'll stubbornly try to help them. She is always giving second chances to those that don't deserve them. She is very intelligent and observant of her surroundings.


She stands at 5'3, 122 pounds. With a very athletic build, long black hair and green eyes that Michael often says he could stare at for days. She's got a very pretty face that many refer to as "deceptively beautiful". Despite that there are some bruises all over her body that her father had caused her in his many abusive rants. She is tan due to her Mexican descent.


Born in West Linn, Oregon to an Irish Father and a Mexican mother she spent ten years of life under "his facist rule" she refers to it as. He abused her and her mother. He was almost always dead drunk and one day he beat his mother so hard she took her daughter and left. Her mother took her to where she was raised. Long Beach, California. 

Fast forward a few years to where she was a Sophmore in High School at Jordan High School she meets a boy named Michael. They instantly became friends and she referred to Michael as "her favorite Freshman" or "cute little rebel". They loved each others company, both pretty much suffering from similiar rough home lifes (Except Michael was suffering from a brutal stepfather) they pretty much made each others lives better by making each other happy. They soon started dating and Michael went from a 'High School Rebel without a cause' to a 'High School Rebel without a cause dating one of the most beautiful girl in school'.

At the end of the year Michael pulled a prank on his least favorite science teacher. Lets just say the prank went out worse then he expected. He would be expelled and his stepfather moved across the country for a new job opening. She was depressed and if it wasn't for her best friend Bradi keeping her in the light she would've probably not made it very far. When her mother informed her that they had a job for her in Bullworth they jumped at this great gift and she took Bradi along with her.

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