This is a Character Sheet created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Full Name: Nicole Spriggs Borrego

Aliases: None

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Leo

Family and Culture

Kathy Borrego (Mother): Nicole's one close thing left in this world, save for Michael. Unlike her dad, and brother she is still alive and keeping in relative contact to her daughter. She has faltered into a life of drugs however, and is the reason for Nicole going to Bullworth.

Richard Borrego (Father): Richard lost his life working the docks during a storm in Los Santos. Nicole was a young girl and as such doesn't really remember her father.

Jose Borrego (Brother): Nicole's older brother, Jose. He was a firm member of the Vagos and lost his life in a shootout when Nicole was 15.

Physical Description

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Nicole's hair is rather short, it just barely meets shoulder length and it extends the back whilst combed to the side to avoid her face.

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 140

Build: Athletic, well built, and strong

Chronological Information


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