All Quotes

During missions and others

  • I'll get the others!
  • You'll never should've gotten outta bed today, Tad.
  • What? Well he's gotta be around here somewhere. Lets go find him.
  • ... I just love wrecking things with my hammer.
  • Whoa! What are you doing here?
  • Looks like that's what I have to do.
  • Get outta here!
  • You ain't making it out of here alive.
  • Get outta here! The cops!
  • Look where you're going, dumbass.
  • Mandy sure is sweet looking!
  • You can say what you want about the jocks, but their girls are fine.
  • That's it. I'm gonna go try out for the football team.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Don't worry. I got your back.
  • This should be fun.

ALLY About To Leave

  • The rest are all yours.
  • This was fun. We should do it again sometime.

ALLY Help Me

  • Help me out already!
  • Come get a piece of this!

Knocked off bike

  • Damnit!
  • Stinking bike!

Comments on successful bike trick

  • That was alright.
  • I don't have time for stupid tricks.

Comments on failed attempt at trick

  • Some tricks aren't for kids!
  • Stick to walking, asswipe!

Stealing a bike

  • Get off it!
  • You don't deserve this bike!

Has bike stolen from

  • Not cool! I stole that bike fair and square!
  • Hey that's mine! Well, not really mine but I was using it!

Winning a fight

  • Warriors, come out to play!

When into him bump when friendly

  • Sorry.
  • Nah, it's cool man, don't worry about it.

When into him bump when hostile

  • Big dawg coming through!
  • Get off me!
  • Watch where ya going!
  • Get outta my way!
  • Hey jerkwad, I'm walking here.
  • Dumbass!
  • Now say ya sorry before this gets all ugly.
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) You made a lot of friends, haven't you?

When into him bump some Clique

  • (Dropout) Get a job you worthless sack of crap.
  • (Jock) Like you'd have a chance.
  • (Nerd) MOVE it, Frodo!
  • (Prep) Damn preppies, you think you own everything!

Getting hit with a bike/car

  • You having fun?! Because when I catch you I'm gonna have a little fun myself!
  • Learn how to drive that freaking thing.
  • Watch where you're going douchebag!


  • This rocks.

Saying Goodbye

  • I'm gonna work on my bike. See you around.
  • I'm getting tired. I'm gonna take off.
  • I gotta're cool, right?

Saying about carnival

  • Everything about this place blows.
  • That sucks so hard.

Calling friends for help

  • You guys got my back?
  • You guys should stick around. This could get fun.


  • When I catch you, you're dead!
  • Come back here, punk!

When someone hides from him

  • I'm gonna get you one of these days.
  • Go ahead and hide like a chump.

Out of breath

  • I gotta quit smoking...

Wandering around

  • I think this jacket is starting to smell. Can you wash leather?
  • If I knew how to paint, I would paint sunsets like Ponyboy. Stay gold Ponyboy.
  • How is anyone gonna love me, when I don't love me.
  • I think these gloves make me look tough.
  • After lunch tomorrow, I think I'll smash his teeth in.
  • I don't know what's wrong with that chick. I thought girls liked bad boys.


  • This sucks.
  • What's the deal?

When confused

  • My head hurts trying to think it out!


  • Not bad.
  • Alright.


  • You know what?
  • I had a thought.
  • These Preppies are getting outta control.
  • Have you ever seen evening those Dropouts Losers hold down a job because I had.
  • I heard those Jocks playing Naked Twister.
  • I think Johnny's chick is a little outta pocket.
  • I'm telling you those Nerds Terds are up to something. Directing or crazy and more antisocial than usual.
  • I heard some Townie kid snuck onto our campus yesterday.
  • The new kid looks like a wannabe Preppy to meet.
  • The only thing more corrupt than real boxing is Bullworth boxing.
  • You know I always got Johnny's back but he's gonna get a little crazy about this chick.
  • I heard that Nerd Thad's have some type of secret fort or something somewhere.
  • I just know that little twerp is the reason why Johnny was missing.
  • How are those Townie jerkwads know so much about our school?
  • You gotta be kidding me.
  • Yeah, right.
  • I'm not buying it.
  • Okay, so what?
  • I gotta stop solving problems with my fist.
  • Man, I really blew that one.
  • I'm screwed.
  • This is so messed.
  • Yeah, well what do you know?
  • Get over it already.
  • Grow up.
  • I don't have time for this.
  • This place blows.
  • This place is overrun with lazy rich jerkwads.
  • Everyone's lost their damn minds.
  • This school is going down in flames.
  • Later, man.
  • I'm out.
  • Stay gold Pony Boy.
  • When I get outta here I'll get the demolished warehouse.
  • One of these days I'm gonna set those Preppy straight.
  • One day I think I'm gonna demolish that stupid Preppy frat house.
  • I can't remember when last time I lost the fight.
  • Oh yeah?
  • Cool.
  • Alright then.
  • You ever demolished warehouse?
  • You ever sneak into the girls dorm?
  • Ever been to the comic store?
  • Did you ever go down to the hole?
  • Once of twice.
  • Yeah.
  • Nah, man.
  • No way.

Losing Dodgeball

  • What's wrong with me?
  • I can't believe that just happened.
  • I give up.
  • (03:37)
  • We've really blew that one.
  • We suck.


  • What a disgrace!

Hit by a friendly fire

  • Hey, you want I can go back to being enemies if you want.
  • Stop it!


  • Do you want to do this or not?
  • Careful now, you might hurt yourself.
  • I'm gonna pound your face in for that.
  • Get some.

Losing a fight

  • I didn't see that on coming…
  • So you can're still a tool.
  • I'm never gonna hear the end of this…
  • Who needs all that teeth anyway…
  • This hurts way more than that time I was jumped into my gang.
  • This isn't over. You and me are gonna settle this real soon.

Starting fight with other cliques

  • (Dropout) I'm gonna kick your teeth in, deadbeat.
  • (Jock) What are you too dumb to pass out or something?
  • (Nerd) If at any point, you say 'owned, 'pwned', or 'ownage', I'm gonna make this hurt way more than I have to.
  • (Prep) Can't buy your way out of this one, rich boy.

Starting fight

  • Let's dance!
  • I've got time to kill!
  • This oughta be fun!
  • I can't wait to make you bleed!

Kicked in the groin

  • You little prick-I'll get you for that!

Spat on

  • That probably wasn't such a good idea!
  • Kick his teeth in!

Watching a fight

  • Jackboot that son of a bitch!
  • You guys fight like sissies!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack

  • Someone just signed on their death one!
  • Who wants to go?!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Look's like this is my chance to make a break for it.


  • Take it easy. There's no need to get upset.
  • Calm down. I didn't mean anything by it.
  • This doesn't need to go to blows. Just chill.

Food Fight


Watching a freak show

  • These freaks are nothing. I've seen Ray with his shirt off.

Receiving a gift

  • You're not so bad, Hopkins.
  • Cool, thanks.

Demanding money

  • I'm taking the old lady out and you're buying.
  • Fork over the cash, jerk.
  • This is like a money pyramid, only I take all your money and I may or may not beat you.

Demanding money for protection

  • I don't mess around, Hopkins. What's your offer?
  • Whatcha got for me, Hopkins?

After getting money from his victim

  • Good man. I knew I light you.
  • Next time maybe you should shape down if your market for cash because this is a little light.
  • Keep this up and we just might be friends.

Giving a gift

  • Here.


  • 'S up?
  • Hey, man.
  • How's it going?

Greeting authority

  • You didn't see anything, right?
  • Keep walking!

Complimenting clothes

  • Your clothes are really shape up!
  • Now that's a haircut!
  • Those shoes are alright!
  • Cool tat! My chick's got that same one- I didn't mean it like that. That tattoo is cool, I swear.


  • Hey, baby!
  • Heyyy!


  • I think I still have some of that Preppy's blood on me.

Requesting an errand

  • I need you to pay attention here.
  • Here's the deal…
  • I need you to help me out with this.
  • I need this taken care of immediately if not sooner.

Being indignant

  • Figure was you!
  • (05:13)
  • Too afraid to fight like a man!?

When greeting Jimmy with fearing

  • bear's growl*

Some insults of enemies

  • Kill yourself!
  • You gotta be kidding me!
  • Do you even know what you do?


  • just laughing*
  • just laughing*


  • I'm gonna pound that guy's face in!


  • just belching*

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • Ah! Disgusting!

When greeting someone in bad terms

  • What do you want, Hopkins?
  • Maybe catch you outta here yet?

When greeting someone in good terms

  • 'S up, Hopkins?
  • Hey, Hopkins.
  • My man...Hopkins!

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