Officer Williams is a Bullworth police officer in Bully.

Officer Williams
Officer Williams2
Clique Police
Gender Male
Family Norton Williams - Son UNKNWN
Rival Officer Monson
Voice Actor Chad Coleman

Character Summary

The only black officer in the Bullworth police force, Officer Williams wears his police hat low and mainly covering his brown eyes. He has a thin black moustache.

Though prone to taking bribes as seen when he accepts one from Mihailovich, Officer Williams does seem to care about the youth in Bullworth. He has a mostly fair approach to law enforcement, and when busting a youth reminds them of the long-term effects of law-breaking and delinquency.

He was apparently a track star when in high school, and claims to love it when those he is pursuing run from him. On the badge on his cap reads Motor Police, and he is usually found patrolling the streets of Bullworth in a police cruiser. Additionally, he appears to have a rivalry with Officer Monson.

It is possible that Officer Williams is related to Norton Williams, a greaser. They share a surname and skin color.


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