"I swear, that Audrey chick is a bitch!"
— Olivia

Olivia Munoz is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. She is a dangerous sociopath, and she's come close to severely injuring multiple people in the school.

Olivia Munoz
Olivia Munoz
Birthday December 15, 1989
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Rusette Brown
Height 5'3
Grade Senior
Clique None
Status Sociopath
Relationship Status Forever Alone
Gender Female
Nationality Spanish
Rival Audrey San Lorenzo
Autumn Kohler
Affiliations Anti-Social
Main Hangouts Library
Creator Westside JDM


She stands at a height of 5'3, and has rusette brown hair, with black extensions, and Sienna brown eyes.

She wears the non-clique uniform, with black Mary-Janes and white knee socks

In the winter, she puts on white tights and gloves.


Olivia wants to be a goth, but she doesn't have the strength to become one, because she already has a rivalry with Autumn Kohler, despite they share a mutual hatred for Audrey San Lorenzo.

She's also quick to judge people by their appearance, and instantly considers ugly people, nerds or fat people as bad people. She's also impulsive with her rivals, and doesn't seem to want to resolve any conflicts with anyone, She even goes as far as to worsen those conflicts.

She's also extremely quick to call people stalkers, and once she labels them as a creep, she typically finds out who they are, and blocks them on all forms of social media, even if they never even said anything to her.

She also likes to deceive the desperate boys of Bullworth Academy that are younger than her, she tricks them into thinking she's a junior or a sophomore, and then gets close to them as a friend, and then admitting she lied to them about liking them

She's also a fake person, she tries to be a cheerleader, like her rival, or she tries to be a goth, like her rival's cousin. She also pretends to be a satanist, by wearing all black, like the goths. The goths however, see her as just a troubled emo scene kid, who tries to mock their clique.

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