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Omar Romero is a member of the Townies in Bully.

Omar Romero
Clique Townies
Status Second in Command
Gender Male
Rival Bullworth Academy Alumni
Kissable No
Missions Busting In, Part II
Voice Actor James Kennedy

Character Summary

Omar is tall and skinny, and is the second in command of the Townies. He wears a black tank top with an orange flame pattern and an orange biohazard sign along with jogging pants. He wears the same clothes throughout the year, even in the winter. His auburn hair is in a buzzcut, and he has green eyes.

His voice is high and nasally, and he is fixed on his hatred of Bullworth. His hatred of the school even extends to him wishing the school were set on fire, resulting in the death of everyone who attended it. Despite this, he lusts after the Bullworth cheerleaders.

Omar is against technological advances, and claims that as far as he is concerned, there is no world outside of Bullworth. He complains about ATMs and credit cards, as they are the reason he can no longer rob gas stations or mug people. He is rather immature, for example, he complains about hurting his "tushie" when knocked off a bike.


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