All Quotes

During mission and others

  • We don't like your kind around here.
  • Show him what we got for him!
  • He's still here! Get him!
  • Wipe that stain out!
  • Get him from behind!
  • Take that punk to school!
  • Hurt him! Hurt him bad!
  • Huh. Enough of this messing around.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Lead the way.
  • I can help you out.

ALLY About To Leave

  • I'm so done with back on you.
  • See you later.

ALLY Help Me

  • Alright, alright! I'm coming!
  • I'm coming! But you gotta learn to fight!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Crap!
  • Damn! That hurt!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • I gotta learn that.
  • That's something to learn.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Too funny, heh heh!
  • Hope you got hurt real bad.

Stealing a bike

  • Your ride is my ride now!
  • Gimme that bike!

Has bike stolen from

  • Ow! My tushie!

Winning a fight #1

  • Destroy everything!
  • Who needs organized sports?!

When into him bump friend

  • Be cool!
  • Accidents will happen.
  • Never mind.

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • You're lame, lame, lame!
  • What's your beef?
  • I'm so tired of clumsy people!
  • That was a stupid thing to do!
  • Go back to daycare!
  • Another drip.
  • You are all JERKS!

When into him bump Greaser (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Ugh! Disgusting!

When into him bump Jock

  • Pft. Muscle bond oaf!

When into him bump Nerd

  • You need better glasses, geek!

When into him bump Prep

  • What is this, polo?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • That sucked!
  • Who did that?!
  • Pull over, punk!

Saying Goodbye

  • Listen. I gotta go.
  • This sucks. I'm gone.
  • Next time, Jim.

Saying about rides

  • That was a lame ride.
  • That's it. I might as well have moved to line.

Calling friends for help

  • Check this out!
  • Take a look at this!

When chasing someone

  • Get back here!
  • I am so going to kill you!

When someone hide from him

  • Be a man and get back here!
  • Sooo typical. Always taking the easy way out.

Out of breath

  • ...gotta move to less split neighborly...

Walking around talking to himself

  • Dumb teachers. Who needs?
  • Why was I gotta learn in school when I can really use any way.
  • Stupid bull! Stupid mascot!
  • That school is got to burn!
  • Man, I want to student jerks death!
  • Someone should just bum this town!


  • That was such a typical coward thing!
  • Nobody takes any responsibility around here for anything.

When confused

  • I must.. Uhh... Argh!


  • Niiiiicee!
  • Aaaaallright!

During a conversation

  • So?
  • That's nice!

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