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Otto Tyler is one of the Townies in Bully.

Otto Tyler
Clique Townies
Gender Male
Rival Bullworth Academy Alumni
Bif Taylor
Trent Northwick
Kissable No
Missions Busting In, Part II
Preppies Vandalized
Galloway Away
Finding Johnny Vincent
Voice Actor Ian Stynes

Character Summary

Otto Asylum

Otto in his asylum gown in the the asylum.

Otto is one of the smaller Townies, and has prominent ears that stick out. His hair is light brown and in a buzzcut. He wears an orange tank top with a skull, and wears two black bands on his left arm. In the winter he wears a navy blue jacket with orange trim, and an black wool cap with an orange stripe.

Otto once attended Bullworth, but was apparently expelled for running a casino on the school's campus. However, he may have dropped out. He has a strong grudge against the school, and particularly the Greasers.

He is a patient at Happy Volts Asylum.

Otto in his asylum gown.


Main article: Otto Tyler/Quotes


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