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"Non parlo Englais, parlo solo Italiano"
— Paige
Paige San Lorenzo
Paige San Lorenzo- New Rendition
Paige San Lorenzo, the girl in the school who doesn't even speak English. She's one girl whose bad side you'd want to avoid being on. If you're friends with Machaley, watch out, because you're likely to having curse words in Italian said towards you.
Birthday September 11, 1992
Aliases - Black and blue number two
Eye Color Nogaro blue
Hair Color Oynx black
Height 4'11
Grade Freshman
Clique None
Status Student
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Daniel San Lorenzo - Father
Bella Kohler - Mother
Audrey San Lorenzo - Older Sister
Autumn Kohler - Cousin
Andreas Kohler - Cousin
Hometown Las Vegas, Nevada
Nationality French
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Affiliations Diana Barozzi - Close friend
Main Hangouts Girl's Dorm
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Paige San Lorenzo- signature
Paige Nicole San Lorenzo

Paige San Lorenzo is a Second-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. She is a special character created by him.


She may not look like she's related to Audrey, but she as a matter of fact is Audrey's younger sister.

By the age of 14, Paige is petite, about four feet and eleven inches tall, she has oynx black hair, and nogaro blue eyes. She has a puppy-dog look on her face.

For the uniform, she wears the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary Janes

She has the Italian, French, and German look combined


Paige is rather a lonely person. She's typically hanging out with her best friend, Diana Barozzi, and she spends time with her sister, typically watching TV.

Around the people her sister doesn't like, she gets impulsive and says rude things to the said person, and typically worsens conflicts for Audrey.

If you get to know her, she's a much nicer person, that's if you're fluent in Italian, because she doesn't speak English, at all.

When she speaks, she speaks loudly, almost like she's yelling.

Around school, she's a mute. She rarely speaks, as she sees no reason to speak because nobody besides Diana or Audrey can understand what she's saying.

But just because she can't speak English, it doesn't mean that she can write in English. She typically sounds really emotional when she speaks, but that is because Italian is an emotional language.

Relationship with family

She has a close relationship with her sister and her parents.

She is closest to her sister, because Audrey helps Paige with homework, and keeps her company when she doesn't have her friends around, During Paige's ten year hiatus in Italy, She forgot her native language, because she didn't speak any English at all, and learned Italian and became fluent in it. Three years before Paige came back to America, Audrey taught herself Italian, and when she came back; they became closer than they were before.

Paige and Audrey, created by Lilww3

She doesn't really like her father, because he's the person behind her hiatus in Italy, he also forced her to come back to America, and she got homesick, and wanted to go back to Italy. She still obeys his demands and does his bidding, but doesn't really talk to him at all.

She is still close to her mother, despite her mother can't speak Italian, but can speak German and French. Paige knows a little bit of German, and knows some French; so she can have small conversations with Mrs. San Lorenzo, but she cannot have one for very long.

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