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Paige San Lorenzo is a character created by Westside JDM

Wandering around

  • "Perche si Diana l'ultimo Italiano a Bullworth?" (Why do they call Diana the last Italian in Bullworth?)
  • "Ho intenzione perdere Audrey quando si laurea. (I'm really going to miss Audrey when she graduates.)
  • "Ti Odio questo posto." (I hate it here)
  • "Ho voglia di tornare in Italia." (I want to go back to Italy.)

Watching a fight

  • "Smettere di essere idioti!" (Stop being idiots!)
  • "Santo inferno!" (Holy hell!)
  • "Oh la la!"
  • "Smettere di male vicenda!" (Stop hurting each other!)
  • "Smettila" (Stop it!)

Knocked out

  • "Sto dicendo a mia sorella" (I'm telling my sister)
  • "Vaffanculo." (Fuck you.)
  • "Spero che tu muoia." (I hope you die.)
  • "Ti odio." (I hate you.)
  • "Quando mia sorella lo scopre, sei carne morto, si bastardo." (When my sister finds out, you're dead meat, you bastard.)


On good terms

  • "Ciao!" (Hello!)
  • "Salut!" (Hi!)
  • "Come Va?" (What's up)
  • "Comment Ca Va?" (How are you?)

On bad terms

  • "Zitto, per favore." (Shut up, please.)
  • "Vada via!" (Go away.)
  • "Chi sei essamente?" (Who are you exactly?)
  • "Tais-Toi!" (Shut up!)
  • "Ta guelle deja" (Shut the f*ck up aleady!)

Greeted by/Greeting certain people

Greeted by/Greeting Audrey San Lorenzo

  • "Ciao, Audrey." (Hello Audrey.)
  • "Do sei stato?" (Where have you been?)
  • "Dove stai andando ad essere dopo la scoula?" (Where are you going to be after school?)
  • "Ottenere che bionda di fermarmi dopo." (Get that blonde girl to stop following me.)

Greeted by/Greeting Machaley Edgemon

  • "Sono Audrey's sorella, che altro sapere?" (I am Audrey's sister, what else do you want to know?)
  • "Bionda stupido" (Stupid blonde!)
  • "Vai torre qualcun altro" (Go tower over somebody else!)
  • "Qual e il numero di telefono per nove un un?" (What is the telephone number for 911?)
  • "Vai avanti, dille, lei non cura!" (Go ahead and tell her, she won't care.)

Greeted by/Greeting Talia Von Webber

On good terms

  • "Sei carina oggi" (You look pretty today.)
  • "Como sono i tuoi capelli cosi ricci?" (How is your hair so curly?)
  • "Non ti crucciare" (Turn that frown upside down!)

On bad terms

  • "Oh per favore, non si!" (Oh please, not you!)
  • "Stupido cagna!" (Stupid bitch!)
  • "Smettare di carcare di apparire come una star del cinema!" (Stop trying to look like a movie star!)

Greeted by/Greeting Taylor Silacci

  • "Lascia mia sorella da sola si stupido cagna!" (Leave my sister alone, you stupid bitch!)
  • "Idiota!" (Idiot!)
  • "Vaffanculo!" (Fuck off!)
  • "Smettere di idolatrare Audrey e io" (Stop idolizing Audrey and I)

Fire alarm pulled

  • "Cos e Quello? Perche sono tutti in escuzione?" (What is that? Why is everybody running?)
  • "Audrey, dove sei?" (Audrey, where are you?)
  • "Diana, Dove sei?" (Diana, where are you?)
  • "lo non voglio morire!" (I don't want to die!)

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