"I don't see what's wrong with buying friends, I mean, I have the money!"
— Parker

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Parker Ogilvie is a member of the Preppies clique in Bully.

Parker Ogilvie
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Family Unseen Sister
Kissable No
Missions Prep Challenge
The Eggs
Beach Rumble
Tad's House
Voice Actor Cory Anker

Character Summary

Parker Halloween

Parker in his Halloween costume.

Parker is a medium sized prep and has black hair that is combed to the right. His eyes are brown. Parker wears the standard prep outfit, consisting of an Aquaberry vest and gray slacks. In the winter, he adds a dark blue scarf and an Aquaberry sweater. He is one of three preps who does not speak with a faux English accent, the other two being Bif and Pinky. He dresses as Dracula for Halloween.

Parker is considered by most to be a decent person, despite being a prep. He gave the local hobo a dollar and wonders why he did that. During dodgeball games, if losing, he will compliment the opposite team. However, he worries about his tendency to like people rather than look down on them like his fellow prep mates. He does, however, still feel entitled as he is a prep.

He does not understand girls, and has no luck with them, despite wanting a girlfriend. He can often be heard wondering why he cannot buy friends.

He has an unnamed sister.


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