"Being the tallest girl in the school for four years straight was both a blessing and a curse."
— Patricia
Patricia Pagano
Patricia Pagano
Patricia Pagano, the officially tallest girl in JDM's fleet, standing at a very broad 5'11, she's the size of a supermodel, with a hairstyle inspired by Scrillex. If you're a prep girl, look out, because she and Mallorie will reign hell on you, until the last day of school, when they both graduate. She may look like she can't hit anyone, but she can dish it out, and can take the punches hard.
Birthday July 1st, 1988
Aliases - Scrillex
- Patrick
Eye Color Cafe Au Lait Brown
Hair Color Otter Brown
Height 5'11
Grade Senior
Clique Greasers
Status About to graduate
Relationship Status Soulmates
Gender Female
Hometown Buffalo, New York
Nationality Italian
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Talia Von Webber
Jade Moreau
Pinky Gauthier
Affiliations Mallorie Von Webber - Best friend
Craig Mendoza - Boyfriend
Main Hangouts Auto Shop
New Coventry
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Patricia Pagano- Signature
Patricia Denise Pagano

Patricia Pagano is a Third-Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She has otter brown hair and Cafe au lait brown eyes . She wears the greaser's typical uniform, In the winter, she simply zips up the jacket and wears leather gloves.

She styles her hair differently than most of everybody else, her hair is combed to the right and falls over her right eye most of the time, but during the winter, she combs it to the back of her head.

She is rediculously tall, about 5'11, just four inches shorter than her boyfriend, which gives her the reputation of the tallest girl in the school.

She has many bruises and lacerations on her left and right arms.

She has the Greek and Italian look. People think she's only Italian, just because she's in the greaser's clique, and the greasers mainly consists of Italians. She also speaks in a heavy Italian accent.


She's extremely catty towards the other girls, and she can also intimidate other girls with her height, she can be an asshole too when you first meet her.

Around her friends, she's charismatic. She's always there for her friends who are in need, be it being beaten up by somebody, or just feeling down, Patty comes in to light up their day.

She's extremely loud, and is frequently seen bellowing over other people, about irrelevant things. She can have extreme anger issues.

She's flirtatious, but not promiscuous. She goes to her most flirtatious when she's with Craig Mendoza, he boyfriend. They are noted as the tallest couple in the academy, and possibly one of the best.

When she's near the preps, she's twice as mean and catty, typically resorting to psychological games. She takes a lot of joy into tormenting Machaley, due to her brat like behavior towards those that are poorer than her, but she shows mercy to Talia, because she feels bad when she's terrorizing her best friend's younger sister.

She can be quite immature at times, taking enjoyment in annoying the more angrier students.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to be the DJ at Tenement parties on occasion, which Darrell typically does. She plays 50's style rock and metal core. It is noted that she also enjoys playing the guitar with her boyfriend from time to time.

From her apartment building in New Coventry, she throws eggs at random people passing by, she and Mallorie do this all the time, for laughs. They've hit many things, even a few cops. Nobody knows it's them, because she lives on the top floor of the tallest apartment building in New Coventry.

She doesn't mind brawling with the preps every now and then. She and Craig, and Darrell like to go and start fights at the Harrington house, typically they mess with the tougher preps like Bif and Edmund. Craig handles them, while Darrell fights Chad and Parker, and Patricia fights Justin and Bryce. The three are typically successful in their attacks on the preps.

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