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Biographical Information

Full Name: Patricia Denise Pagano

Patricia: Noble

Denise: Devoted to Bacchus

Pagano: Italian Pagan


Patrick: Used exclusively by her best friend, Mallorie.

Type 223: Patricia's probability out of 1001 in being featured in a story or a one-shot

Patty: Used exclusively by her boyfriend, Craig Mendoza

Scrillex: Everybody around the school calls her scrillex, due to her hairstyle being styled a lot like Skrillex

Gender: Female

Set Age: 17

Birth date: July 1st, 1988

Astrological sign: Cancer

Family and Culture

Gino Pagano (Father) - He is a caring man, He stands at a height of 6'2. He doesn't exactly approve of his daughter being in her respective clique, and he wishes she wouldn't keep her hair styled like scrillex, but she ignores his requests, and disapproval of her friends.

Sofia Metraxas (Mother) - She is a loving woman, She was previously a model for a clothing company, she stands at a height of 5'11. She doesn't mind her daughter's crazy looking hairstyle, but she doesn't like her friends

Is there still contact with her family at Bullworth? She frequently emails her parents about school, but ignores them pleading her to hang out with less gang like students.

Dominant Descendants

Italian, Greek

Distant Descendants

Swiss, Turkish

Physical Description

Hair Color: Otter brown

Hair Style: Scrillex inspired

Eye Color: Cafe Au Lait Brown

Height: 5'11

Weight: 145 lbs

Figure/Build: hourglass body, wide hips, long legs, slightly curvy

Personal Information

Current living arrangements: Girls Dorm

Originated from: Buffalo, New York

Traveled Territories: Italy, Greece, Turkey

Hobbies: Video games, doorbell ditching, tagging, styling her make-up, Adrenaline Junkie

Fears: Losing her boyfriend, Being single for life, Small enclosed spaces

Religions/Beliefs: Greek Pagan

Health Behavior

Physical Ailments/Disabilities/Issues: Mild Bi-polar depression.

Addictions: Drinking, Smoking, Marijuana

Any Regular medications taken? Anti-depression medication

Chronological information

Profession: Student

Likes: Hamburgers, Pranking people, Adrenaline rushes, making out, going on romantic dates, Fighting.

Dislikes: Mallorie's sister Talia, Preps, getting knocked out, hangovers, gossip, homework, Mrs. Peabody.

Goals/Ambitions: Become a model

Weapons/Equipment: Lighter, pack of cigarettes

Personal Attributes


Pros: A bit of a badass, Laid back, Friendly, always there to help a friend in need, romantic.

Cons: Catty, A nightmare to fight, loud, cocky, arrogant,

Strengths: Encouraging to her friends, can fight boys that are stronger than her, strong willed.

Weaknesses: Big mouth, Immature, Brags a lot, quick to get into a fight.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Is always combing her hair to the right, and frequently plays with it

Stereotype: Angry Italian

As you get to know them better (On good terms): Fun to hang out with, Honest, Funny, A badass

As you get to know them better (On bad terms): Bitchy, Bossy, Dishonest, Catty, Unpredictable

Ratings on personal qualities

Physical Strength 7/10

  • She's a strong girl, and she's capable of kicking ass, and looking graceful while kicking someone's ass. She has quite a few skills she learned from Darell and Craig together, such as a hook kick, and she's had training in Krav Maga. She calls her fighting style "Whoop ass"

Attractiveness: 8/10

  • She is a fairly attractive girl for her size, Despite most of the taller students are intimidated by her height, but she is considered to be attractive by a lot of other students.

Honesty: 6/10

  • She lies to her parents about her friends being smokers, and drinkers, and she lies about her addiction to smoking. When she's in trouble, she's likely to come clean, but if she and her friends are in trouble together, she's likely to bail them out and take them blame herself

Rule Abiding: 3/10

  • She breaks rules every day, such as bullying, She bullies people every day, she breaks the relationship rule every day, by having a full blown make out session with her boyfriend in public, and they typically are ratted out by those that are either haters or jealous of them, like Constantinos or Donald

Intelligence: 6/10

  • She is of average intelligence in most things, but she can fix certain things on a car, and she works on her car frequently

Sociability: 8/10

  • She's a social person, She's frequently talking in class, or teasing the low self esteem boys, just to see what their reactions would be

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Her parents thought Bullworth academy would make her tougher, and it definitely has. She's mentally stronger and physically stronger

Clique: Greasers

Standing and rank in social circle: Not much authority in the clique, but she has authority over the other girls

  • Room Number: 56
  • Roommate(s): Ava Yurinov and Chantelle Jones
  • Favorite Subject(s): Shop
  • Why? She's good at fixing things. She's fixed many things, even a couple of RC cars and planes
  • Least Favorite Subject(s): Math, Government
  • Why? She shares the class with Craig, and they're always talking while he's teaching. He also intentionally fails them on their tests, despite they both study for the tests. She dislikes government because Mr. Silacci does the same thing as Mr. Hattrick, which is intentionally failing her on tests and exams
  • Favorite Teacher(s): Neil, Mr. Galloway.
  • Why? "Neil's paranoia about the government is hilarious, I don't get why he is so paranoid about the government. I like Mr. Galloway, because he's such a nice guy."
  • Least Favorite Teacher(s): Mrs. Peabody, Mr. Hattrick, Mr. Silacci, Mr. Burton
  • Why? "I cannot stand Mrs. Peabody, because she is a bitch towards Mallorie and I, I cannot stand that bastard Fattrick because he fails me on his tests intentionally, same goes for Mr. Silacci. I absolutely hate Mr. Burton, because he's always saying creepy things to me"


Languages: English, Italian

Grade: Senior

Expertise: Mechanics

Chemistry: 45%

Math: 56%

English: 84%

Geography/History: 89%

Politics/Law: 73%

Economy: 70%

Cooking/Culinary: 98%

Shop: 97%

Botany/Biology: 79%

Mythology: 91%

Art: 90%

Photography: 65%

Foreign Languages: 90%

Music: 60%

Gym: 72%

Drama: 41%

Reading Level: Average

Intelligence: Average

Relationship statuses

Closest friend(s)

  • Craig Mendoza (Boyfriend): They met in their freshman year, and hit it off well. Eventually, Craig realized she was the right girl, and asked her out. She said yes, and had a romantic first date, full of flirting, and eye contact. They are practically soulmates, they are both in love, and it's impossible to separate them, they both are noted as the tallest couple, and possibly one of the best couples in the academy.
  • Mallorie Von Webber (Best friend): They met over the summer, When Mrs. Peabody is being a dick to them, they both launch a nasty insult at Mrs. Peabody at the same time, they always attend parties together at the tenements, when preps like Machaley try to bully them, they bully them back. When they go on dates with their boyfriends, they typically think of going on double dates.
  • Darell Lewis (Best friend): When Darell has a barbecue, He always invites Craig and Patricia over. He doesn't mind being their third wheel. When all three of them launch attacks on the preps, they are typically successful in their attacks on them.


  • Autumn Kohler - Autumn and Patricia share something in common, they both hate the cheerleaders
  • Julia Edgemon - Despite Julia is a prep, they both are good friends. They both dislike Machaley, sometimes they team up and prank her cousin, doing things like cutting her hair in her sleep. They've had some pretty good laughs, Patricia frequently tries to talk Julia into joining the greasers, and Julia is thinking about it.
  • Viktoria Ivchenko - Patricia's favorite Russian. They met in shop class, when Viktoria was new to the school. They at first didn't like one another, until she joined the clique upon meeting her boyfriend who was already in the clique. Viktoria was then forced to be friendly with Patricia, and they ended up becoming good friends
  • Anton Moroz - They at first weren't on good terms, because of Anton being rude to Patricia, but when she caught Anton stuck underneath his car, she helped him get out from underneath, and when Donald Anderson sneak attacked her with a Spud gun, him and Craig paid Donald a visit and kicked his ass, for hurting Craig's pride and joy.
  • Ricky Pucino - He's Mallorie's boyfriend. At first, they couldn't really connect, but then; eventually when Mallorie arrived, and they got into a relationship; and went on a couple of double dates, she got to know him better.

Tolerated Students

  • Talia Von Webber - She doesn't really like Talia that much, but she's seen the cut marks on Talia's arms, and whenever she bullies Talia, she feels bad when she's doing it, because she's afraid if Talia cuts herself, Talia will also rat her out to the principal.
  • Claire Patania - Because of Claire's fear of tall people, she feels bad when she's bullying the shortest girl in the school.
  • Constantinos Brakus - Because of his depressing personality, she feels bad when she bullies him, and she's afraid that he'll kill himself and she'll be the one to blame for his death.

Hated Rivals

  • Machaley Edgemon - Machaley is always making threats to Patricia, and Patricia doesn't take it very lightly, they've gotten in fights before, and Patricia has come out on top, because she's literally three inches taller than her, and she's much stronger than Machaley.
  • Chantelle Jones - If there's somebody Patricia can't stand, it is Chantelle. Chantelle is always losing her temper at Patricia for no reason, and Patricia gets irritated by this easily. Chantelle has also said offensive things to Patricia, needless to say, Patricia has been able to put Chantelle in her place, and isn't afraid to do it again, but hit her twice as hard.
  • Jackie Schivo - Jackie's pummeled Viktoria before, and Patricia has stepped in and kicked Jackie's ass to avenge Viktoria, and teach her to mess with her favorite Russian. Jackie also likes to call Patricia a giant, which can really piss Patricia off.
  • Donald Anderson - Ever since Donald clipped Patricia with the spud gun, she's wanted to kick his ass personally.

Opinions on people around the academy


  • Johnny Vincent - "He's a funny guy, I've seen him fight that Harrington prick before, and he's wailed on him."
  • Peanut Romano - "Just because I'm taller than him doesn't mean he's short."
  • Norton Williams - "Is he bi-polar or something? One minute he's talking about kicking someone's ass, and the next minute, he's talking about kittens."
  • Lola Lombardi - "Johnny's way too good for her, it is as simple as that."
  • Lucky De Luca - "He's loud and obnoxious."
  • Lefty Mancini - "I'll kick his ass again like I did back in 9th grade."
  • Hal Esposito - "That fatass? At Johnny's parties, he always eats all of Darell's cheese burgers."
  • Ricky Pucino - "He's a funny guy, Mallorie's definitely a lucky girl."
  • Vance Medici - "It's fun to mess his hair up, because he has the biggest shit fits."
  • Mallorie Von Webber - "She's the funniest girl I've ever met, I don't know how her and Talia are related though."
  • Viktoria Ivchenko - "She's my favorite Russian, and she really can kick ass."
  • Brooke Ediger - "I really don't get her. She always contradicts her standards for guys."
  • Craig Mendoza - "He's my boyfriend, I fucking love him."
  • Anton Moroz - "At first I didn't like him, but he's a cool guy."
  • Darell Lewis - "His hamburgers are so awesome. I love when he makes them."


Non-Clique Students


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