Mission Dialogue

  • How're we gonna get to Johnny?
  • Let's backtrack! Go through the trainyard!
  • You fuzz don't scare us!
  • Quit following me, you jerk!
  • Jeez, you just don't give up, do you?
  • Leave me alone!
  • What's your damn problem?!
  • I told you not to follow me, jerk!
  • I'm done running. I'm taking you down!
  • I was going to meet him in the alley by the tenements. He's gonna kill you.
  • The cops! Everybody go!
  • Hey man, look. I got a job for you.
  • Bunch of preppy posers are hanging out by the market. Probably looking for a property to buy.
  • No. We don't need no gentrification around here. Run 'em off and I'll pay you.
  • Those preps are having a party in the park in Old Bullworth Vale. And they didn't invite me.
  • No. They're afraid all get with their girls. Still. Go kick their butt for me, would you?
  • Hey, Jimmy. The preps got themselves a house. Just for partying. Bunch of spoiled brats.
  • Yeah. I'm very jealous of rich kids.
  • Down by the beach.
  • Are you that no good jerk who's been messing around?
  • Shut your hole! Get him, boys!
  • I'm gonna beat your ass, clown. Ms. Phillips is gonna FORGET about YOU.
  • Haha! MINE!
  • I love this smell!
  • Got it?
  • I'll get you next time, Jimmy!
  • You just got lucky!
  • I hate you, Jimmy!
  • How come you're so damn quick?
  • Where'd you come from?
  • Haha, Jimmy! She'll think you're a complete failure!
  • Who's the teacher's pet now?!
  • She loves ME, Jimmy! Get it through your head!
  • She's gonna laugh at you!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • I'll be your ears, eyes and fish, Jimmy!
  • I'm gonna be your backup, man!

ALLY About to Leave

  • I've had it with watchin' your butt all the time!
  • From now on you could fight your own battles, Jimmy!

ALLY Help Me

  • I need some BACKUP HERE!

Some conversations with ally

  • With you all the way, Jimmy!
  • Whatever you say, Jimmy!
  • What, are you nutso?
  • Forget it! Like I'm gonna HELP you! Defend yourself!
  • You gotta fight your own battles. At Bullworth.
  • What am I? Your bodyguard!?

Has ball stolen from

  • Give me back my ball! JOHNNY!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Ow! I landed on my pen knife!
  • Who messed my bike up?

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Like that's something special…?
  • Excellent.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • What a loser.
  • Figures he'd screw up.

Stealing a bike

  • That's my ride, loser.
  • What are you doing with my bike?

Has bike stolen from

  • You are so dead!
  • Johnny...!


Winning a fight

  • What do you mean, Napoleon Complex?
  • Look at me, Johnny, look at me!
  • Okay, hero, let's see whatchu got!
  • Look up! It's a loser eclipse.
  • I smell acne!
  • Who's the king?!
  • Walkin' tall!
  • I'm a big man with a big plan!

While fighting

  • C'mon, hero. Walk tall, don't' cha?
  • Not so big now, are ya?

Fighting a Townie

  • Can't you guys even fight right!?

Fighting a Jock

  • Don't soil your jockstrap now, hero!

Fighting a Nerd

  • This is so boring! I feel like I'm punching a clock!

Fighting a Prep

  • You guys think you're so slick, huh?

Starting a fight

  • You're going down, and I mean down!
  • Let's see you pick on someone my size!
  • I'm gonna take you down!
  • Get ready to be pounded down like a nail!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Sorry, man.
  • Sorry, I slipped.
  • My fault, sorry.

Unfriendly Terms

  • What's the matter with you?!
  • You're cruising for a bruising.
  • What's the dealio?
  • What is this... retard patrol?
  • I'm kicking you off the bike police, loser.
  • You've gotta flat in your head, loser.
  • You want me to peddle on your head?
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) You still here? I thought you died.

Bumped into Townie

  • Get a job, loser!

Bumped into Jock

  • You got a problem, hero?

Bumped into Nerd

  • The science lab is the other way, egghead.

Bumped into Prep

  • You want me to grease your brakes, rich boy?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Son of a gun!
  • What was that?!
  • I'm okay!

Saying Goodbye

  • Not now. I gotta go.
  • Maybe later. Bye.
  • No time. I gotta see Johnny now.

Saying about carnival

  • That was good money down the john!
  • Can these rides get any more cheesy?

While seen the carnival in winter-time

  • Ahahaha! Oh, darn!

Calling friends for help

  • Guys! Check this out!
  • Come and take a look at this, guys!


  • Longer legs won't help you get away from me!
  • Oh, sure, pull the leg card!


  • Hey! I'm not going there!
  • Forget it! Not in there!

Out of breath

  • That damn sh-short legs...

Walking around talking to himself

  • 'Peanut'...huh... Crummy Peanut...
  • Gotta help Johnny.
  • Tired of all these tall punks around here.
  • Tall, tall. Everyone's so tall.
  • What can I do next to please Johnny? I mean Lola! I mean...
  • What does Lola see in Johnny that I don't?


  • That was a last straw, man.
  • Can you believe that?

When confused

  • What... huh?


  • Excellent!
  • That was so cool!

During a conversation

  • And then?
  • Yeah, so?
  • Ms. Phillips is SO into me.
  • I think that hero, Jimmy, is a real patsy.
  • Johnny is going to show everyone who's the boss around here.
  • That Lola... I don't know.
  • The next chump who calls me Peanut is dead.
  • Johnny is too good for Lola, if you ask me.
  • I'm really gonna help Johnny bang some heads this semester.
  • Those preps think they're such hot stuff just 'cause they have bank accounts.
  • I wish Johnny would believe me about Lola.
  • I got a score to settle with that hero, Jimmy.
  • I can't believe Jimmy turned out so good, so fast.
  • Where's Johnny? Has anybody seen Johnny?
  • Oh, come on.
  • That's so untrue.
  • That figures.
  • I knew it.
  • I hope Johnny is not pissed off at me.
  • I really screwed up.
  • If Johnny finds out, he's gonna kill me.
  • Why doesn't Lola ever notice me?
  • It's not so bad.
  • You got that right.
  • Get over it.
  • Everyone learns the hard way.
  • I think Galloway is on the verge of total nutso land.
  • Everyone thinks bigger is better around here.
  • Why am I still in this stupid school?
  • Don't know what's worse - Bullworth or the stupid town it's in.
  • See ya.
  • Keep your head high.
  • Later.
  • I'm going to practice some of those new bike moves!
  • Last time I saw her, Lola made eyes at me, not Johnny!
  • During summer break, I took down five kids on the baseball field!
  • Even when I was like, five nobody messed with me!
  • Now that's good!
  • Now we're talking!
  • I wish I thought about that!
  • Have you ever snuck out with Lola?
  • You ever messed with the carnies?
  • Did Nurse McRae ever give you a medicine that gave you a rash?
  • Ever try to sneak past Ms. Peabody for some smokes?
  • Of course. What kinda stupid question is that?
  • I did. And it was totally a mistake.
  • Yes. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  • Nah. Maybe this year sometime.

Losing Dodgeball

  • Rasca Frasca Stic Tasa!
  • No way!
  • You cheated!
  • What's with you girls?!
  • This ain't the girl's team.
  • You ladies make me sick!


  • Ugh! Too much information!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Hey, Jimmy! Are you crazy?!
  • You two timer!
  • I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!

Knocked out

  • Uncle! Uncle!
  • I-I give! I give!
  • Okay! You win...
  • Aaah, mommy! Johnny...
  • S-Sorry... Johnny...
  • I-I did it for Johnny...

Kicked in the groin

  • Ugh! My johnson! Ah...

Spat on

  • Did you lose something, hero???

Watching a fight

  • Low ball coming through.
  • Give it to him!
  • Watch that johnson!
  • Danger! Big man on campus!

Hit by sneak attacks

  • Ow! Who's got the death-wish around here?
  • Someone fixin' to die?

When fire alarm is pulled off

  • JOHNNY! A fire!


  • Mmm... yeah. Okay.
  • Hey, what are you saying?
  • You got ants your pants?

Food Fight

  • I'll give you some fast food, you jerks!

Watching a freak show

  • These things should be put to sleep, like dogs.

Receiving a gift

  • Cool, thanks man.
  • This is a surprise.

Demanding money

  • I'd think about it if you had any nudie mags.
  • Maybe if you had any adult comics it'd be cool.
  • Listen. You’re gonna give me your money whether you like it or not.
  • You don’t want me to go hungry, do ya?
  • I know you got some change for me in those rich pockets of yours.


  • What? You think I’d work for free?
  • Nothing’s free in life, Jimmy.

After getting money from his victim

  • There now. Was that so hard, new kid?
  • See? That wasn't so bad.
  • Now, did that hurt? Just keep it coming and it never will.

Giving a gift

  • Here. Take this.


  • Hey, what's going on?
  • How's it going?
  • Hey.

Greeting authority

  • Hello ma'am.
  • Hello, sir.

Complimenting clothes

  • Hey, those new vines?
  • Hi! Trim time, huh?
  • Hey, like those treads.
  • Hey, new ink? Wicked.


  • Oh, hi uh... gorgeous.


  • Oh yeah! Lola, honey, come to daddy!
  • (Mimicking Lola's voice) Ohhh! Laaarry. I can't resist you. You're the best!

Requesting an errand

  • Okay. Here's what I need.
  • You can do me a real solid here.
  • You wanna score some points with me and Johnny?
  • Johnny’ll like it if you help me out.

Being indignant

  • Mamma mia!
  • Hey!
  • How?!

Greeting when scared

  • Uh... hey...


  • What a loser!
  • Who's a hero now?!
  • Nice one, shorty!
  • Look who decided to bestow us with a visit.


  • Nice one, genius!
  • Ahahaha! Real clever!


  • Some day that piece of dirt is going down!


  • Uh.. I don... blah... feel... blah... so good... blah...


  • Is just belching*

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • What was... oh my god, a rat!

When greeting someone in bad terms

  • Did someone hear flies buzzing around?
  • The invisible man strikes again.
  • Yeah, and I really care, too.

When greeting someone in good terms

  • Jim, my man.
  • How's it going, Jim?
  • What's up, Jim?


  • Come on. You're bigger than me, I-I mean this.
  • Haven't you learned that violence never solves anything?
  • Do you really want the stain of aggression on your conscience?
  • Hey, I-I was the new kid once, too.

Aiding a fight

  • Don't worry! I'm coming!
  • Hang on!

Perceiving thing as cool

  • This kicks butt! Right through the mouth!
  • Yeeeow!

Perceiving thing as crap

  • I'll take 'Things That Suck' for a hundred, Alex.
  • Is it possible to be even more scarred for life?

While seen vandalism

  • Come on! Not that!
  • No, hey, stop it!

Insulting the tag

  • Oh no, who did this?
  • Somebody is going to pay for this!

Weapon fired

  • That's something we could use!

Saying about fireworks

  • I gotta tell Johnny!

Jimmy shoveling snow

  • Who said you could shovel snow on our turf?
  • Hey. You missed a spot.
  • Hehe. Hey Jim, how is your back feeling?
  • Nice job, Jimmy. Hard work?
  • There's a lot more snow over here, Jim.

Hit by stink bomb

  • Ohhh... *Coughing* It's worse than boy's locker after basketball.
  • Uhh... Who blew up a jock strap...? Uh...


  • Hm.. a bit too loud for me.
  • Hm.. I mean, it sucks.
  • That would be nice, if I had money.

Suck up

  • Anytime you need somethin', just ask me.
  • You want me to take someone down for you or somethin'?
  • Let me help you, like Johnny helped me.

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • Hey look! Another ghetto wannabe at prep school!
  • Whoa! Risky business!


  • I think it was him!
  • I'm not sure who did it, but it was big news.


  • Sit and spin!
  • I've got somethin' here for you!
  • Anytime you want, hero!
  • You want somethin' from me?
  • I got your present right here!
  • Say bye bye!
  • You've got mail.
  • You want some of me, hero?!
  • I got it, if you want it!
  • Hey, that kid's got a mouth on!
  • Anytime you're ready, hero!
  • Yeah, I'm terrified of you!
  • Keep shoutin' hero, see where it gets you.
  • You're the kid everyone's not afraid of.
  • Whatever, acnestick.
  • You think you're gonna make it at Bullworth? Think again!
  • I got you covered!
  • Did you grow something new, hero?
  • Come closer and say that again!

Ignoring fight/Accepting apologize

  • Hey, you're a cool guy.
  • Forget it, it's over.
  • Maybe I was wrong about you.

Insulting the new kid

  • Look! The fresh meat... I-I mean the freshmen is here.
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) Hey, it's the tall guy. What was his name?

Commenting on bad clothes

  • Robbed the thrift shop again?
  • Nice shirt! For a dink.
  • Stop wearing animals on your head.


  • Come On! Come On!
  • What have you got, hero?!
  • Hey! Why you keep falling down?
  • A little light on your feet there?


  • Whatever! J-Just leave me alone!
  • C'mon! What do you want from me?
  • I never meant those things I said!

Ignoring taunt

  • Yeah, that's nice.
  • Okay, sure pal.
  • Tell me about it later, okay?
  • Okay, okay. Next time.

Leading the way

  • This is the way! Follow me.

Going to the wrong away

  • This way, you moron!
  • Hey, What are you doing? It's this way!


  • Thanks, Jimmy! I owe you one.


Getting a swirly

  • Johnny! Johnny!
  • Get off me! You big bully!
  • Pick on someone your own size!

After getting a swirly

  • Ugghh... Johnny...! Lola...!
  • Not there...!
  • Pick on someone your own size! Never... Never...

When bullied

  • You...You think you're so cool, but you're just big!
  • You're gonna be sorry when Johnny finds out!


  • sobbing* Johnny...! *sobs*


  • Hey! Knock. Knock.
  • Ah, the sweet smell of sweat and jock itch.
  • Just touch one of their pimples and they'll fall over.
  • We can't let them win: they win and they might reproduce.
  • Hey, no trying to get away!
  • Well, what do we have here?
  • Got a death wish? That's my favorite.

Physical bullying

  • You got something for me now hero?
  • Come on! Make this a little harder for me, okay?!


  • I'm just so sick of everything...

Others on Peanut

  • Tad: Last year that nerd, Thad, broke his yardstick over Peanut's head and nothing happened! Can you believe that?
  • Bucky: Oh my gosh! I heard Peanut tried to get to first base with Mandy. That is so gross!
  • Thad: Last year I hit my yardstick over Peanut's head and it just broke in half.
  • Chad: You know how Larry got the name Peanut? Yeah, that's how!