"Just look down. Don't make eye contact with anyone!"
— Pedro De La Hoya

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Pedro De La Hoya is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Pedro De La Hoya
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Daniel Tay

Character Summary

Pedro Halloween

Pedro in his Halloween costume.

Pedro is a little boy with black hair and brown eyes. Typically, he wears a dark teal sweater vest over a white collared shirt and a tie, along with khaki shorts and red Chuck Taylors. On his right knee, he has a bandage. In the winter, Pedro wears long khaki pants, a long-sleeved dark teal school sweater, a gray and black scarf, gray gloves, brown boots, and a puffball hat. His pajamas are a light greenish-blue, with orange trimmings and pawprints. On Halloween, Pedro dresses as a mummy. He is thought to be Hispanic.

Pedro PJs

Pedro in his pajamas.

Pedro is a 'Momma's Boy' and often complains about missing his mother. It is hinted his mother sent him to Bullworth in order to separate him from her a bit. He is the smallest student in the school and is bullied often because of this. He frequently wets the bed due to his fear of bullying. He is extremely homesick and paranoid and looks up to Jimmy Hopkins.

In Chapter 1, he leaves a message on the notice board asking Russell to not hurt him. Also in Chapter 1, during Save Algie, he is in a bathroom stall with Eunice, though the two leave upon Jimmy's entrance.

He dresses up as a flower in the Christmas pageant.


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