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"They're always saying that the right one will come. Yeah fucking right..."
— Penelope

Penelope Hakodian is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. Adopted by Silkvale.

Penelope Hakodian
Penelope Hakodian
Birthday August 27, 1989
Aliases - Penny
Eye Color Denim Blue
Hair Color Mythos Black
Height 5'6
Grade Junior
Clique Goth
Status Follower
Relationship Status Desperate
Gender Female
Family Edgar Hakodian - Father
Hometown Yerevan, Armenia
Nationality Armenian
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Viktoria Ivchenko
Affiliations Anti-Social
Main Hangouts Blue Skies
Creator Westside JDM


She stands at a height of 5'6, she has Mythos Black hair with Denim blue eyes.

Uniform wise, she ignores the uniform, and wears a black and gray plaid turtle neck, with a black skirt. She also wears dyed black knee socks and black Mary-Jane sandals.

In the winter, she simply sports black tights, and black uggs.

For halloween, she dresses as Dita Von Teese.


She's sometimes friendly, but only to those she doesn't perceive as a creep, but she's not as shallow as her clique mate, Lacey or Autumn, She only labels people as creeps if they say legitimately creepy things to her.

She's desperate for a boyfriend, but only desperate for the right kind of boy. She's most likely to be an eternally single girl, because she's been in quite a few abusive relationships in the past, she doesn't like jerks, but she doesn't like nice guys either. She wants a guy that acts somewhat mean, and still has a soft side, and still will treat her nicely.

Around her closest friends, she's probably one of the nicest people anyone can talk to.

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