Wandering campus

  • I'll be a virgin until I die.
  • Why was my dad a librarian and not a bank robber?
  • This is how they educate people? It's no wonder this country's such a dump.
  • Man, I gotta stop being such a wimp...
  • Man, I've gotta learn karate or something.
  • Adolecence is like being tortured for 5 years.

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Look out!
  • Excuse me.
  • Be careful.

Unfriendly Terms

  • Watch it!.
  • Give me a break.
  • Are you blind or just dumb?
  • Get out of the way.
  • C'mon! Don't push me!
  • Hey, chill out. Don't push me.
  • Open your eyes, moron!

Agreeing not to fight

  • Yeah, whatever. You're inbred.

While fighting

  • You ain't so tough!
  • Have you learned to read yet?
  • Everyone says your mom walks the streets.
  • Hit me and you'll still be a moron.
  • Jimmy's MY friend!

Fighting a Townie/Dropout

  • C'mon! I hate Bullworth too!.

Fighting a Greaser

  • Does the grease give you spots or do the spots cause the grease?.

Fighting a Jock

  • I heard you guys like to smell each others caps.

Fighting a Nerd

  • C'mon, dork!.

Fighting a Prep

  • You're inbred, rich kid!

Don't hit

  • Don't hit me, Jimmy!
  • I thought we were buddies, you idiot.
  • Get off me, Jimmy!.
  • Jimmy, please!
  • You're a good friend, Jimmy.
  • Thanks moron.

Watching a fight

  • You're both idiots.
  • You're real losers.

Chasing someone

  • Get back here!
  • C'mere!

Out of breath

  • Oh man, I gotta get checked out for my asthma

Kneed in the groin

  • Ouch! Now I'll never be a dad!

Knocked out

  • Ouch! Come onnn...
  • Come on...don't kill me!
  • That hurt, you moron!
  • Well're still a jerk.
  • Agghh...come on, stop!


  • Hey.
  • How you doin'?
  • Alright?
  • But But But OH MY BALLS!!!!

Saying Goodbye

  • Jimmy, I gotta go.
  • Hey, Jim, I got some homework to do.
  • Jimmy, forgive me, but I gotta go.


  • Loser.
  • You've got a genetic disorder.
  • Your parents are brother and sister!