"Honestly, is Bif the only gentleman among the imps here?!"
— Piper

Piper Adelaide Harrington is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Piper Harrington
Piper Harrington
Birthday December 11th, 1989
Aliases - Pipes
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5"
Weight 113 lbs
Clique Preppies
Gender Female
Family Derby Harrington - Cousin
Pinky Gauthier - Cousin
Affiliations Bif Taylor - Best Friend
Parker Ogilvie - Fiance
Alexis Monroe - Roommate
Creator SodaCat
Piper Adelaide Harrington

Character Description

Piper is thin and tall, and has icy blue eyes and black hair.

Like her cousin Pinky Gauthier, Piper wears an Aquaberry version of the school uniform--an Aquaberry skirt paired with a matching vest, and black flats. Her hair is worn in a sleek high ponytail, in which Piper wears a navy blue bow.

In the winter, Piper wears white tights with gray Aquaberry boots and an Aquaberry dress with the Bullworth crest sewn on under a gray wool Aquaberry coat.

For Halloween, she dresses as Alice from Alice in Wonderland.


Piper is subtle and introverted and believes elegance is one of the keys of life. She is surprisingly level-headed and calm and is often seen as a logical sort of 'voice-of-reason' by other students. She is very intelligent and handles even the more difficult classes in the Bullworth curriculum with ease.

Despite all this, however, Piper has a tendency of losing her head whenever she's with her childhood best friend and crush, Bif Taylor. She becomes very giddy when around him, though manages to still act calm and collected around him. Her thoughts, however, are another story--Piper constantly fantasizes about marrying him and wonders often about their married life, such as considering what fabrics they will use for their comforter, and what color scheme they will use for the house. She often looks for excuses to be around Bif, and will more or less drop anything for him.

File:Piper news sodacat.png

Home Life

Piper's birth parents passed away soon after she was born in London in a car-related accident, and she was adopted at age 2 by Darcy Harrington and George Percy, aunt and uncle of Derby Harrington. Though Piper was raised in London for the first five years of her life, her adopted family later moved to Bullworth, where Piper began attending school with her cousins Derby and Pinky, and met Bif Taylor.

Later, Piper was enrolled in Bullworth Academy with her cousins.

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