"Don't let the Prefects see you break any rules! They'll hurt you."
Gary Smith
"Students are reminded that good students report all wrong behavior to the Prefects and that doing so is not the same as snitching."
Ms. Danvers

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The Prefects are an authority group in Bully.


Edward Seymour, one of the four Prefects.

Clique Summary

Jimmy hides from Edward locker

Jimmy hiding from Edward in a locker.

The Prefects consist of four seniors, who are responsible for the general enforcement of the school's rules on campus. They are the lowest form of authority in the school. The prefects are generally hostile towards the students and are known to abuse their authority. While the leader is never stated in the game, according to the game files, Karl Branting is the leader. Max MacTavish is second in command.

Despite being students, the prefects are not in the Yearbook and do not attend classes. They are always wandering around the campus, except for Halloween night and during Complete Mayhem.

In early development, Jimmy could bribe the prefects to leave him alone. Additionally, prefects were originally given nightsticks, and later paddles. All of this was cut from the final game, however.


Karl Branting

Karl is the shortest prefect and very authoritarian. He is a bit of a social climber and threatens to ruin students' lives.

Max MacTavish

Max desires to be a policeman or to join the army. He mentions that he takes growth hormones. According to the jocks, Max has a police baton in his pants. It is thought he was a jock before becoming a prefect.

Edward Seymour II

Edward is apparently a member of the Sailing & Yacht club and enjoys handing out discipline. He has asthma, and may have STDs. He is thought to have been a prep before becoming a prefect.

Seth Kolbe

Seth is the most corrupt of the prefects. He enjoys beating people and is in charge of supervising detention tasks. He is thought to have been a bully before becoming a prefect.