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Beta Sid

Sid, as found on TylersArt

The Punks were a clique that were cut from the final version of Bully.

Clique Summary

Manual Comic

The Punks as they appear in the game manual.

The only known Punk in Bully is named Sid, besides an unknown one that stars alongside the punks in the comic strip included with the game manual.

Most likely, the punks evolved into the townies, as many townies dress in a punk fashion, and an earlier game model of Zoe Taylor depicts her in a much more stereotypical punk fashion.

It is believed by some fans that Russell Northrop was originally meant to be the Punks' clique leader, as he bears a resemblance to what appears to be the leader of the Punks in the game manual comic, though this is unconfirmed by Rockstar.

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