"For fucks' sake, we look like a goddamn Hot Topic ad gone wrong."
— Jason Griffith on the clique's appearance

This page is based on a fanfictional clique created by SodaCat, and should not be confused with the actual deleted Bully clique.

Punks sodacat
The Punks.
Leader: Ace Griffith
Second in Command: Garrett Warren
Hierarchy Position: Second (Tied with Greasers)
Main Hangout: New Coventry

Clique Summary

Punks Tattoo SodaCat

The Punks' tattoo.

The Punks are one of six school cliques, and are led by Jason "Ace" Griffith. Their second is command is Garrett Warren.

Made up of not particularly wealthy students, the punks are easily characterized by their clothing, tattoos, and unnatural hair colors. They all share one tattoo in particular; a black diamond on the left side of their necks. They have a rivalry with the Preps, and are a bit on neutral-leaning-towards-negative terms with the Greasers.

Hierarchy wise, they are on about the same level as the Greasers.

Many of the Punks, as their name implies, enjoy punk music. The majority also enjoy metal and rock, and clique members can be heard referencing different bands and concerts that happen in the Bullworth area. A common belief among the Punks is pro-anarchy, and down with 'the system'.


Picture Name Description
Jason YB Headshot SodaCat
Jason "Ace" Grififith Ace is the leader of the Punks, and is very mean-spirited and sarcastic to those outside of his clique. He is a big fan of concerts, crowd-surfing, and moshing.
Garrett Headshot SodaCat
Garrett Warren Garrett is the second in command of the punks. He is cold and unforgiving, and is usually very quiet. He prefers more hardcore-punk and metal music.
Gage bacon headshot sodacat
Gage Walker Gage plays the brawn role in the duo that is he and his twin brother, Tripp. He is known for his sticky fingers, and tendency to commit arson and vandalism.
Danny Headshot SodaCat
Danny Nix Danny is considered to be everyone in the clique's younger brother. He is a freshman, and prefers lighter punk. He has been forbidden from entering mosh pits by all of his clique mates.
Duncan Headshot SodaCat
Duncan Haynes Duncan is the most aggressive member of the clique, most likely as a result of growing up mixed in with gang crimes in both Carcer City and later Liberty City.
Jackelin Headshot SodaCat
Jackelin "Jack" Pearce Jack is the only female member of the punks. She's mainly characterized by sarcasm, and often pokes fun at the other clique members.
Tripp headshot sodacat
Tripp Walker Tripp plays the brains in the duo that is he and his twin brother, Gage. He is condescending and sarcastic, though he is just as prone to troublemaking as his brother. He is bisexual.
West headshot sodacat
West James West is more art-orientated, and is known among his clique for this. He is freespirited, and hopes to move to San Andreas to begin life as a rockstar.


Put together for me by Willow.

Brush over 'Punks' by Nexaa21

Written Pieces

117 Coventry Drive

117 Coventry Drive is the childhood home of Jason Griffith. Since his parents' passing, the house was inherited by Jason's older brother, Gavin. The Punks use it as a hangout, and have transformed it into their clique house. Each of the members has their own room save for Tripp and Gage who share a room.

It is a fairly large townhouse, previously having been used as an orphanage in the 1970s before being cleared out and sold as a house. It was owned by Gavin Griffith Sr.'s father, and Jason's grandfather.

All of the furniture in the house are things that the clique has found in the junkyard, at yardsales, or on the side of the road.

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