"I guess you want to kill Gary, now that he's turned most of the school against you, and got those rich kids to throw eggs at you."
— Pete Kowalski

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Race the Vale is a storyline mission of Chapter 2 in Bully.

Race the Vale
Race the vale
Pete and Jimmy talking in the Boys' Dorm.
Location: Boys' Dorm
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Preppies -10
Reward: $15
Unlocks: Beach Rumble

Mission Summary

Pete Kowalski is sitting in the Boys' Dorm watching TV by his lonesome, when Jimmy Hopkins enters and asks him where everyone is. Pete comments on how Jimmy must want to kill Gary since he has been badmouthing Jimmy and got the Preps to throw eggs at him, but Jimmy shrugs it off, saying Gary will get his soon enough. He asks Pete what the matter is.

Pete tells him nothing, but Jimmy points out that he's sitting in the dorm alone like a loser, and asks him what is wrong. Pete vents to Jimmy, telling him that for one moment he had had friends--Jimmy and Gary, even though Gary is a 'snake' and Jimmy is a 'psychopath', and they both bullied him, but at least he was included. He tells Jimmy that he is now on his own again, and is 'too cool to be a dork' and 'too dorky to be anything else'.

Jimmy tells Pete he is not on his own, and asks again where everyone is. Pete tells him that they are all at a bike race in Old Bullworth Vale, near Shiny Bikes at the beach. Interested, Jimmy heads to the beach and instructs Pete to come with him.

The two ride to Old Bullworth Vale, and upon arriving to the beach, Jimmy enters the race. He races against three Preppies (they change each time).

The race itself is one lap that goes along the beach, then a dirt road heading north and then west, the residential area of Old Bullworth Vale, and then back onto the beach.

After winning, Jimmy meets Tobias Mason outside of Shiny Bikes, who compliments him on winning and tells him to stop by any time to get his trophy.

Watching the race are Lola Lombardi and Christy Martin.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 22 Race the Vale04:15

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 22 Race the Vale

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