"You ever had a broken heart, like, bottom of the barrel, no-hope-in-Hell, 'I hate my life' type stuff?"
— Ricky Pucino

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Ricky Pucino is a member of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Ricky Pucino
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Family Unnamed brother
Rival Preppies
Kissable No
Missions Beach Rumble
Wrong Part of Town
Here's to You Ms. Philips
Voice Actor TJ Del Reno

Character Summary


Ricky at the beach.

Ricky is a medium sized greaser, has dark brown—almost gray—eyes and has brown hair that is slicked back with a few strands of hair hanging by the right of his forehead. He has a noticeable resemblance to Peanut Romano, another greaser. However, Ricky wears a black leather jacket, while Peanut wears a brown one. Ricky also wears a blue sweater, school slacks, and brown boots. He also has a cigarette stuck behind his left ear. During the winter, he simply zips up his jacket.

Ricky had a girlfriend once, who broke up with him because she felt he spent too much time working on his bike. He talks about this frequently, yoyoing between being torn up about it and being over it. However, Ricky appears to almost enjoy having a "broken heart". He enjoys looking at pictures of pin-up models.

He has a grudge against the Jocks and complains about them more than he does about the preps. This may be explained due to the fact that in the Bully comics, Ricky's girlfriend leaves him for a jock.

Ricky has an unseen brother and often tries to hand in his old essays, despite getting caught often.


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