Mission Dialogue

  • Hey, Jimmy, you want some help handing those losers?
  • We've got these guys. You go ahead.
  • There he is... with Lola!
  • You've been hanging around Lola. Johnny don't like that, and now you're gonna pay!
  • Get the guy on the balcony!
  • I was hoping you'd say that!
  • That nerd lied to us... He's not here.
  • Is that Algie.... on a girl's bike?
  • He got Norton!
  • 911 is a joke!
  • You're going down!
  • The fuzz! Let's go!
  • Got a flat tire?
  • Why so slow?
  • Out of my way, slowpoke.
  • Sure... no problem.
  • Hey, honey pie, you look a little sticky. Want me to help clean you?
  • My problem is I can't stop thinking about you, baby!
  • Whatever, dude, she likes it.
  • First you gotta catch me!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Yeah, I'll watch your back, Jim!
  • No problem, Hopkins, I'm with you!

ALLY About to Leave

  • Hey, Jim, I got split, man... this is lame.
  • Listen, Hopkins... I'm done with this crap.

ALLY Help Me

  • Hey! Give me a hand over here!
  • Yo, man! Watch my back!

Getting knocked off bike

  • This bike's a heap. I can't do anything right.
  • Broken bike, broken bones, broken heart. Damn it!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Sweet trick! But take care of that bike or she'll leave you! ... Story of my life.
  • Surprised you didn't stab your crank, hotshot.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Ha. Your forks are gonna be so worn!
  • Are you trying to trash your bike? Learn how to ride.

Stealing a bike

  • I can't watch you trash her anymore. I'll put grease is places you never knew existed.
  • Sorry, sucker! Me and my wrench got a date with your ride.
  • You don't deserve to ride this beauty!

Has bike stolen from

  • Don't do it man! You don't know how to ride it!
  • That's my ride man, my life! I can't lose her, she's all I got left!
  • Aw, man! I was just about to lube her up! Her chainstay manual's snapping! Aw, frig!


Winning a Fight

  • Check it out, yeah!
  • Haha! Who rules? Who rules?!
  • You don’t got a hope in hell!
  • You shouldn’t even bother, jerkwad!
  • I’ll wrap this up nice and quick!
  • Never had a doubt, man. I had that!
  • I won! No big surprise, really.
  • Ricky wins when Ricky wants to win!

While Fighting

  • I'm gonna leave skid marks all over you!
  • Looks like you're little rusty. I'll fix that!
  • I just broke up with my chick and I'm gonna take it all out on your face!
  • I'm ain't kiddin' around here! Come on!

Fighting a Jock

  • Ain't you supposed to be slappin' some dude's butt right now, Jock-boy? Haha!

Fighting a Nerd

  • Come on, Poindexter! Slot me!

Fighting a Prep

  • Nice shirt. Too bad I'm going to bloody it up for ya!

Starting a fight

  • I'm gonna knock the last of your brain out of your thick skull, loser!
  • I'm gonna break your chain!
  • You wanna mess with a Greaser?!
  • I'm all geared up to crank you one!
  • I'm gonna wrench your head clean off, pal!
  • That's it - this is on!
  • You wanna mess with Ricky? You got it!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Sorry, boss.
  • Hey, man. Look out.
  • Hah. Didn't see ya there.

Unfriendly Terms

  • What the frig?!
  • Try that again, punk!
  • DON'T touch me.
  • Cut it out, loser!
  • Quit it, ya tool!
  • What're you, stupid?
  • You're pissing me off.
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) Screw off, Hopkins! You're like a rusty chain: useless.

Bumped into Townie

  • Bite me, retard! Why don't you screw off and die?

Bumped into Jock

  • Shouldn't you be rubbing down Mr. Burton and the rest of those butt slappers?

Bumped into Nerd

  • Hey, Poindexter, touch me again and I'll stick yer nose in my spokes!

Bumped into Prep

  • Back off, prep... you wouldn't wanna get grease on that designer shirt now, would ya?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Just my freaking luck. Lose the girl, get run over. What else, huh? What else?!
  • If I could stop thinking about her for one second, maybe I wouldn't get run over.
  • Doesn't anyone look where they're going?!

Saying Goodbye

  • Yeah, I gotta go clean up my tools, you know?
  • Cool... uh, talk to you later or something!
  • Damn, I gotta run! I got this thing, you know?

Saying about the carnival

  • They should really grease the gears on that ride. So slow.
  • That ride would have been fun if I still had my girl.

Starting a snowball fight

  • *laugh* Now we're in for it! *laugh* Loser!

Calling friends for help

  • Guys! We got a rumble going on!
  • Get in here, greasers! Do it!


  • I'm a well oiled machine! ... I'll get ya! ... Oh yeah!
  • Get back here, dork! For real, you are so DEAD!


  • Yeah, keep running, Hopkins! You can't run forever!
  • As sure a wheel goes 'round, I'll kick your ass Jimmy! ... You hear me!?

Out of breath

  • ...I'll...Dammit...Dammit!

Walking around talking to himself

  • She wouldn't left you if you'd just given her a bike... could've rode into the sunset... ohhh...
  • Stupid, you're so stupid, Ricky. Who needs her? Girls ain't nothing special. *Regretting*
  • Maybe if I'd spent some time tryin' to fix the relationship instead of bikes, I could've kept her...
  • Can't fix my heart with a wrench... or could I?
  • All I need are my pin-ups... they won't ever let me down... heh heh.
  • Day by day... one day at a time, Ricky. You can do this, you don't need anyone.


  • You know how much that pisses me off!? You know what that does to me inside? Damn it.
  • Now what? Seriously, what the hell am I supposed to do?

When confused

  • I don't get it. What the hell?


  • Yeah, man! Nice one!
  • You rock, man! For real!

During a conversation

  • Oh, yeah? Well, check this out.
  • So, yeah, anyway.
  • You see Gary's been hanging around that new kid? That guy looks like trouble.
  • You hear about Mr Burton's little fetish? That guys such a perv. The girls around here are like a quarter of his age.
  • Lola's doin' it, for sure. It's driving Johnny crazy. Poor guy... Love hurts, man.
  • Something's going on between Galloway and Hattrick. They're always shooting each other dirty looks.
  • I haven't seen Johnny for a while. Wonder what he's up to.
  • I don't know what the hell's going on. Jimmy messes everything up and all hell breaks loose.
  • I heard that dweeb Cornelius got a B in some English test and lost it on Galloway.
  • Tad's rich daddy bought him a new ride because the old one had a warped wheel. I could've fix that.
  • My mom's such a pain lately. Keeps telling me to clean up my act. I ain't no Prep, you know?
  • I heard Mandy's hot cousin was visiting, and I heard she's way easy.
  • You heard Mr Burton busted the Jocks for having one of the contests in the locker room?
  • Melvin and some Nerd broad were playing seven minutes in heaven. Bet they just talked about algebra.
  • I can't believe that!
  • That is crazy!
  • I heard about that from Vance... Weird.
  • No way.
  • For real?
  • That is awesome! I don' know why, but it's gotta be.
  • Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be happy again, not without her.
  • I don't want to be alone anymore, man. I'm sick of being such a loser with the ladies!
  • Galloway makes me redo my essay just because I handed in my brother's old one! Like that matters.
  • I don't know if I got the strength to fix another bike. I'm kind of sick of it.
  • Fix, fix, fix. Real life starts when we get out of this crap hole.
  • There ain't nothing we can do, so cut the crap and let's fix some bikes!
  • At least you don't got that nasty rash that Mandy has... or do you?
  • It could be worse, right? We could be Jocks. *Laughing*
  • Girls are useless! They just screw you around.
  • Could there be more losers at this school?! Seriously!
  • Those Jocks piss me off. They think they're so tough! I'll show 'em tough!
  • What's the point, man? It's not like anybody at this school is happy. Everyone's pissed off or depressed.
  • Later, man.
  • Keep it real, dude.
  • I think I might be over her now, you know?
  • I've gotta fix like, eight bikes tonight. I can do it, though. No problem. I'm Ricky.
  • I threw out every picture I had of her and I feel great. Like a big weight is lifted, you know?
  • There's some party going on near my place tonight. I was invited, so I'll probably show up.
  • Whoa, cool, man!
  • That's pretty radical, for real!
  • I wish I was in your shoes!
  • You ever go off that sweet jump near the factory?
  • Has Lola showed you any pics of her cousin? Man, she's cute!
  • You get your rocks off with Mandy yet, or what?
  • You ever had a broken heart, like 'bottom of the barrel', 'no hope in hell', 'I hate my life' type stuff?
  • Been there, done that. Don't care.
  • Yeah, man. For sure. Hasn't everyone?
  • No way. Never in a thousand years.
  • Nah, I just don't like that kind of thing.

Dodgeball (Racing?)


  • Remember: a wheel ain't a wheel without all its spokes!
  • We're gonna grind you down! Let's do it!
  • This bunch of mama's boys' got nothing on us!


  • Oh, yeah! This almost makes up for everything else sucking!
  • Yeah! We're like a finely-tuned machine. Yeah! Like clockwork!
  • Too easy! Haha!


  • Of course I messed it up! Figures.
  • Why do I even bother? I never win. Never.
  • This is useless.
  • I'm sticking with bikes from here on out. At least they always stick by me.
  • Sorry, guys. It was probably my fault. I suck at life.
  • Man, what happened? I thought we had it.
  • That was bullcrap, seriously.


  • Aw, man, that's nasty, man.

Friendly Fire

  • Jimmy! I'm freaking help you here.
  • Not cool Hopkins! Cut it!
  • Quit it! Or I ain't going to back you up.

Knocked out

  • Oh... at least this numbs the pain in my heart...
  • Live fast... bike hard... never say die...
  • This ain't too bad... she'll feel bad for me. Maybe visit me in the hospital.
  • Please, tell my girl... I never meant to lose her.
  • Looks like I'm a little rusty... a lot rusty.
  • I should stick to fixing bikes.

Kicked in the groin

  • Cheap son of a-sack me?! Friggin' coward! Uggh...

Spat on

  • That's cool, but maybe you'll like the taste of my spokes!

Watching a fight

  • What the? Stick your first in his face! Give him braces, for Pete's sake!
  • Deck 'em!
  • Come on! I can hit harder than that!
  • You see that move? He stole that from Johnny!

Hit by sneak attacks

  • What the? That's it!
  • Ah, blindsided again!

When fire alarm is pulled off

  • Fire! Fire! I wonder who pulled it this time?


  • Huh? What the? You tryin' to scare me?
  • Whoa, man! What's with the attitude?
  • Come on, man! Settle down for a sec, alright?

Watching a freak show

  • Awesome! I knew you wouldn't let me down.

Receiving a gift

  • Nice one, Jimmy. You ain't half-bad.
  • Cool. Thanks, man.

Demanding money

  • Jimbo! I could use a little cash flow.
  • I guess I can always get Johnny after you if can't help me out.
  • Jimmy, Jimmy Hopkins. Hand over your cash before every grease around lays you out.


  • Well, I guess I could be convinced.
  • What are you gonna do from me?

After getting money from his victim

  • You're a smart kid. You're going places... sucker.
  • Nice move, chump. I wouldn't wanna see you hurt.
  • You're a real pal, Hopkins. Ha!

Giving a gift

  • Here you go.


  • What's shakin'?
  • How you doin'?
  • What's going on?

Greeting authority

  • Ma'am? You look nice today.
  • Hello, sir. Nice day, huh?

Complimenting clothes

  • Nice threads, man. For real.
  • Nice 'do, Hoss. No jokes.
  • Oh, those are some sweet kicks.
  • Is that tat real? Whoa, that's rad!


  • Hey! You'd just break my heart, too, wouldn't you?


  • Lookin' good, Rick. I don't know why she ever left you.
  • Just gotta grease the hair and I am lookin' slick!

Requesting an errand

  • Look, man. I could use a big favour. You game?
  • I got this thing I need done, Jimmy. It's real important to me.
  • Jim, I need your help with something.
  • I could use a hand, Hopkins.

Being indignant

  • What the? Why you gotta be like that, huh?
  • You lookin' for trouble or what?
  • Yeah, you're a real winner. Haha!

Greeting when scared

  • Uh, hey man.


  • You're such a loser! You don't have an ounce of cool in you!
  • The hell are you thinkin', freakin' tard?
  • You see that? Haha, and I thought I had it rough, you know? Pfft.


  • *Laughing* Whatever, get out of here.
  • Haha! That's good! Haha!


  • I want him bloodied up, Hopkins. I’m sure it’s his fault I lost her. I know it!

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • Aw, man! A freakin' rat? That's just wrong.

When greeting someone in bad terms

  • Why you tryin' to be all tough, Hopkins? You ain't no greaser.
  • You got a lot of nerve, Jimmy. Remember who started this, all right?

When greeting someone in good terms

  • Hopkins, my man. You're a legend, dude!
  • What's going on, Jimmy-boy?
  • Hey, J-Hop, lookin' good, man!


  • Look, man, you know I just went through a break-up, right? Aw, man, backpedal, backpedal!
  • Aw, c'mon, I ain't ready to do this, man. I'm still so broken-hearted and stuff.
  • Listen, man: I'm like a gear without a chain right now. Just back off, as a friend.

Aiding in a fight

  • Hey, hey! Get off of him now!
  • I'm coming, hold on!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • Holy crap! That rocked!
  • Woo! That was pretty stellar, huh?

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • That sucked. What a rip-off. I thought it was supposed to be cool, man.
  • Uh, yeah... so that turned out to be pretty lame, huh?

While seen vandalism

  • Oh, no! What a friggin' waste! I loved that, man!
  • No, no! Aw, man! That wrecked my day!

Weapon fired

  • Fire in the hole! Woohoo!

Hit by stink bomb

  • *Coughing* Oh, dear God! That smells like Edna's breath!
  • *Coughing* Oh, man! Did Lefty let one rip or what?


  • If I got these threads, she'd take me back for sure.
  • This stuff is way too clean. Too prep for my taste!

Suck Up

  • Hey, Jim, we're cool, right? Right? Yeah.
  • Hello, Jimmy. I'll fix any bike you want, man. I'll do that for ya.
  • You, uh... yeah. What's goin' on, man? Yeah.

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • You suck at that, Hopkins! At least make it look cool! Or swear! Or something!


  • For real, I saw it happen. It was madness. You gotta do something.
  • You can't let him get away with it. It ain't right, you know? C'mon, do something.


  • Retard!
  • You're such a knob!
  • Up yours!
  • Fight me!
  • Screw off!
  • Yeah, you're a loser!
  • Wank off, buddy!
  • Freaking tough guy, huh?! I'll knock your block off, pal!
  • Real cool, you hosebag! Frig off!
  • What the? Why you gotta be like that, huh?
  • You lookin' for trouble or what?
  • Yeah, you're a real winner. Haha!
  • You're such a loser! You don't have an ounce of cool in you!
  • The hell are you thinkin', freakin' tard?
  • I ain't got nothing to lose, Jimmy. You wanna do this?
  • My wrench'll do the talking for me!
  • Are you looking for a rumble? 'Cause I'm always geared up to brawl.

Ignoring fight/Accepting apologize

  • You know what? I ain't getting suspended for you.
  • This is pointless - you ain't worth the energy.
  • Pfft, you're a loser and I don't fight wimps, anyway.

Insulting the new kid

  • Hey, rookie! You better learn quick that Johnny and the greasers won't take your crap!
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) Hey, Hopkins! Way to go, man! I knew you sucked!

Commenting on bad clothes

  • Your mom make you that shirt, huh, mama's boy?
  • Sweet clothes, poser!
  • Is that a hat or did something crap on your head?


  • You like that, don't you, chump?
  • Looks like we're getting into it now.
  • This is what you get, man. You know better.
  • Greasers don't back down - let's see it.
  • If you were smart, you'd get the hell off our turf!


  • Look, Jimmy, I ain't a man, alright? I lost my girl, don't do this to me now.
  • I'm sorry, alright? I'm so alone. I'm so pathetic.
  • Let's just pretend this never happened, Jimmy. Come on, let me be, please?

Ignoring Taunt

  • Whatever, cool guy.
  • Yeah, yeah. Pfft.
  • Not interested, pal.
  • That's good, that's good.
  • You ain't worth my time. I've got bikes to fix.
  • You're a joke, Hopkins. Look around. You're not cool.

Leading the way

  • C'mon, Jim! Follow me!
  • This way, Hopkins!

Going the wrong way

  • Jim! You're going the wrong way!
  • We ain't going that way, Hopkins! C'mon!


  • Good work, Hopkins. You ain't too bad. Need a little more grease, but not bad.


Getting a swirly

  • No, wait! Not again! No, wait!
  • Don't do it! You'll regret this! Someday you will!
  • This isn't right! Don't flush it! I'll fix your bike, come on!

After getting a swirly

  • I hate this school... I hate toilets!
  • I think Vance just let one go in there... Ugh, I just tasted Vance?!
  • Friggin' figures... nothing goes right. No one takes me seriously, damn it!

When bullied

  • Yeah? That was real cool.
  • You're such a jerk, you know that?
  • Real big of you. Seriously, man, get a life.


  • I'm so alone! So scared! I'm nothing without her!

Physical bullying

  • Haha! You like that? That's what you get for crossing Ricky!
  • If you ask nicely, maybe I'll stop. Or not, huh? Haha!
  • C'mon, let me hear you say it! Say it!


  • Oh, c'mon, this sucks for real. I don't wanna see this, man.

Turning off the television

  • Yeah, thanks. It's not like I was watchin' anything.


  • Awesome! I knew you wouldn't let me down.
  • Nice one, Jimmy. You ain't half bad.
  • Remember this, Hopkins: I don't like you.
  • Hey, hey. Are you stupid? You know who you're talking to, right?
  • Big mouth for a wimp. Just walk away.
  • Whoa, what's that?