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Road to Recovery


Westside JDM




Jordan Balesterri


In Progress

Road to recovery is a story being written by Westside JDM. It is the tale about Jordan Balesterri's life after graduating Bullworth Academy, and getting her dad locked away in Happy Volts Asylum. It is the successor to My life as a slave to my dad. The story takes place in 2008, which is precisely two years after her senior year.


Two years after Graduating Bullworth Academy, Things have changed for Jordan. She is out on her own, and seems to be doing just fine. She still thinks about her past and tries to forget about it. She talks to a therapist regularly, and looks for more improvement on her outlook on life.



Name: Jordan Balesterri

Jordan Balestreri- Bully TTB

Age: 19

Grade: College Sophomore

Jordan has faced many challenges in her two years past. She still faces many problems; such as being single, and college of course.


Chapter One The return of Jordan Balesterri[1]

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