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"That English teacher, Galloway, he buys this crap all the time. It's so expensive. As his drinking problem spirals out of control, I get richer. He's my favorite."
— Rock, talking about the cheap liquor he sells.

Rockson "Rock" Nash is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Rock Nash
Rock Nash
Birthday February 1st, 1990
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Clique Skaters
Gender Male
Creator SodaCat
Rock signature sc
Rockson Axel Nash

Character Description

With the messy brown hair, dark circles under his brown eyes, and baggy clothes, Rock pretty much looks like someone untrustworthy, which he is.

Constantly sporting a bored and/or tired expression on his face, the black cargo shorts, and oversized Bullworth sweatshirt does nothing to convince people he might be a trustworthy kid.


The best words to describe Rock would be bored, blunt, and kinda dumb.

He doesn't really know what he's doing in life. All he knows is he's got a pretty sweet deal running a black market out of his dorm room under the staff's nose. Not that he sells anything harmful, per se--just things like stinkbombs, slingshots, the occasional beer pack. Anything and everything.

When Rock isn't ripping someone off, he can be found skateboarding with his fellow clique members. An avid skater, he prides himself most in the insane gaps and grinds he can do.

Outside of skateboarding and making fast cash, Rock has to rely almost entirely on his street smarts. Really, the only academic subjects he's good at are math and economics; things that are vital to keeping his market as profitable as it can be.

Personality wise, Rock is a shameless flirt, and blunt about it. He's not the type to try and flatter a girl, but will openly tell her he thinks she's hot. Most of his advances are born from boredom, however, and he's unlikely to pursue any sort of real relationship. The only relationship Rock wants right now is between his cash, him, and his skateboard.

Around school, he's known as the kid who'll sell stuff and occasionally shoot out a one-liner. His scheming has been mastered over the years he's spent at the academy, so most students don't even realize they're being ripped off.

When he introduces himself, however, he is typically met with a reply of "that's really your name?".

Home Life

Originating from Algonquin, Liberty City, Rock's parents couldn't get any more boring. His father works from nine to five in an office, his mother spends her time teaching Kindergarten.

It doesn't help that they are worried and scared of absolutely everything. Rock has been babied for as long as he can remember, kept from so much as stepping two feet outside of their apartment building.

It wasn't until Rock was 13 that he got shipped to Bullworth out of the fear his parents felt at having him near so much crime at such an impressionable age. Surely he'd be safer at boarding school, right?


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