Wandering Around

  • He still owes me twenty bucks... prick...
  • Where am I?
  • Why does everything happen so much?
  • These stupid Bullworth kids asking for lower prices...
  • Why can't we have pets on campus?!


Initiating Conversation

  • You wanna buy some shit?
  • Hey... so... what's up?
  • Hey, it's been a while.


  • Shit, I don't know.
  • I guess, maybe?
  • Ughhh... who cares.
  • Yeah, definitely, sure.
  • I think so.

Ambient Conversation

  • Crabblesnitch did gymnastics as a kid. Frickin' pansy.
  • Prefects raided my room, but I knew they were coming. Dumbshits.
  • That toilet's clogged again. We need stronger toilets.
  • So, my chicken moved yesterday at lunch. In case you thought buying my shit wasn't worth it.

Reacting to Rumor

  • I really don't care, dude.
  • That dirt's old. Everybody knows about that.
  • How many people know about this?
  • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


  • You ever seen a triple kickflip on a skateboard?
  • You got anything new to tell?
  • You wanna buy some of my shit?


  • Yeah, I know.
  • I don't know.
  • Uh... yeah... Maybe.
  • I mean, I guess.
  • Definitely not.


Good Terms

  • Hey dude.
  • What's up?
  • Yo.
  • Hey.
  • Yeah.

Bad Terms

  • Fuck off.
  • Keep walking, kid.
  • Nope. No. Nope, no, no. No.

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • I need to go take a leak.
  • I'm gonna go shit.
  • Bye.
  • See ya.

Bad Terms

  • I need to shit.
  • This was a waste of time.
  • Ugh.

Being Hired


  • I am literally willing to do anything for money. Except that.
  • I'll beat the shit out of somebody if you pay me.
  • I'll hit a girl. I'll hit a little kid. Shit, I'll hit a prefect. I don't give a fuck.


  • Cool. Money.
  • Do I get paid before or after?


  • Just give me my money.
  • I'm gonna... go.
  • I'm really bored.
  • Gotta go. Let me know if you have more money.

Asking for Errand

  • Can you do this? I'm willing to pay, which says a lot.
  • I need shit done, and I can't do it.

Giving Errand

  • Can you go grab my laundry bag from the prep's house? I uh... left it there. Shit in there is pretty expensive. It's mine. I swear.
  • Can you get this to Galloway? And don't open the box. If you do, I'll find you.

Bike Related

Bumped with Bike

  • I'll see you in court, asshole.
  • I'm flipping my shit right now.
  • Was that necessary, bitch?

Crashing Bike

  • I'm not gonna lie, I was asleep.
  • Maybe I'll just lay here and take a nap.
  • That better not have scratched.

Stealing a Bike

  • This is worth a lot, and I want cash.
  • Shit happens.
  • You'll live.

Bike Stolen From

  • Hey! Somebody paid money for that!

Seeing Successful Trick

  • Nice.
  • How about you start doing shows? I'll be your manager. 2 and 98% split. I'll be the 98.

Seeing Failed Trick

  • That was sad.


  • Say it to my face, bitch.
  • I'll slap you into another race.
  • Get any closer and I'll break my foot off in your ass.


Good Terms
  • Aw, piss off.
  • I thought we were cool, man.
  • There goes your discount.
Bad Terms
  • You think I'm scared of you?!
  • Piss off.


  • Welcome to the real world!
  • It won't get any better than this, buddy.

Being Bullied

  • This ain't right!
  • I'm gonna destroy you!

Demanding Cash

  • Just hand it over.
  • What does a kid like you need cash for?
  • Time to pay the tarriff, kiddo.

Receiving Cash

  • Money money money money...
  • Greetings loved ones.

Giving Swirlie

  • Hold your breath!
  • Say hi to your mom for me, bitch!


  • Nah, I can't swim!
  • No no no!


  • Fu--.... ugh...
  • Suck my... ugh...

Putting Student in Locker

  • Just chill here, okay?
  • See ya!

Shoved in Locker

  • Yeah, whatever.
  • I'll just take a nap, joke's on you!


Starting Fight

  • I'm real pissed now!
  • Come on, let's fight!

While Fighting

  • You hit like a girl!
  • Hit me, I dare ya!

Hit in Nuts

  • You'll pay for these...!

Spit On

  • Oh fuck.

Watching a Fight

  • You two hit like my mom!
  • You guys both suck!

After Winning Fight

  • You gonna cry?
  • If you pay, I'll say you won.

Knocked Out

  • I'm just gonna take a nap now...
  • Yeah, I'll just chill here...
  • Okay, yeah, that hurts.


  • Quit running!
  • You keep this up and I'm gonna give up soon, I won't lie.

Hidden From

  • Yeah, I'm bored.
  • Keep hiding, like a bitch.
  • Whatever.

Out of Breath

  • This ain't even worth it.
  • Ughh...
    • Panting*

Bumped Into

Good Terms

  • Ugh...
  • Watch it.

Bad Terms

  • Keep walking!
  • Go to hell.
  • Goddammit.

Hit by Car

  • I don't even care.
  • Yeah, whatever.
  • Dammit.

Hit by Rat

  • Ha. Cool.
  • Nice.


  • So... you like bread?
  • You're hot. Kind of.
  • Uh... hey. Um, baby.

Food Fight


Fire Alarm



  • Do I have to be here?! Braxton?! Let me go!
  • Oh man, it's always been my dream to have balls thrown at me.
  • This is stupid and I'm not going to give any effort.


  • Can we leave now?
  • This was stupid.


  • Yeah. Cool. Can I go?
  • This was the biggest waste of time of my life.

Reacting to Tagging

  • Yo, if you run out of that spray paint, I got some for sale.
  • Mind painting me an ad?

Making a Sale

  • Liquor: That English teacher, Galloway, he buys this crap all the time. It's so expensive. As his drinking problem spirals out of control, I get richer. He's my favorite.
    • Are you even old enough to buy this, legally? Whatever. Don't tell the cops.
  • Flowers: One time, I told my buddy he should pretend to be a bird, and the idiot did. Broke his arm. That doesn't have anything to do with flowers though, I guess.
  • Soda: This shit only costs a dollar more than the machine 'cause it's not shaken up. Yeah. I've seen the guys who stock those machines. There's a reason why they blow up on you. Serious. Buy my shit.
  • Burger (from Burger): Why the hell do I even sell burgers? Stinks this place up. Whatever. At least that greaser kid buys 'em.
  • Teddy Bear (from carnival): Careful. It might go out and try and eat you in the middle of the night or something. Bears do that kinda crap, y'know?
  • Stink bombs: This isn't that weak shit you get at the comic stores. Nah. I got these from that smelly nerd himself. You can't put a price on this stuff. But I did.

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