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This character sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Full Name

  • Rosanna - "Gracious Rose"
  • Brooke - "Lives by the stream."
  • Mancini - "Left Handed."


  • Rosie - Used by her older brother, Lefty.
  • Rose - Commonly used by everybody around the academy.

Set Age

  • Certified Birthdate: August 10th, 1990
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
  • Gender: Female

Family and Culture


Antonio Mancini - (Father)

  • Antonio is a strict man, who hates his promiscuous daughter. Whenever she comes home, he goes out, because he thinks he's a failure of a dad. He has cheated on his wife a couple of times, because he wants out of his marriage with Valentina. He is thirty eight years old.

Valentina Bianchi - (Mother)

  • Just like Antonio, Valentina has given up at this point. She's tried a million times to get Lefty to stop hanging out with the greasers, and tried to get Rosanna to stop dating so many boys, but she has failed. She hates the sight of both of her children, as she considers them both a disgrace, and wants to make sure they're gone for the new baby that is coming. She has also cheated on her husband with Dr. Bambillo, her boss. She is thirty seven years old.


Lefty Mancini

  • Lefty is known for his obsession for girls, and his addiction to nicotine. He dislikes his sister, because she's always dating some nerd or some other ugly kid, and then comes close to breaking their heart. He sometimes wishes he could prevent the new kids from falling in love with her, but there's nothing he can do about her. Out of the two current children, he is his parents' favorite child.

Is there still contact with her family at Bullworth

  • Obviously there is, due to her brother attending Bullworth Academy, her mother working as a Dr. Bambillo's secretary, and her father working as a fireman, and whenever the fire alarm is pulled, he typically is driving the fire truck that responds.

Physical Description

Basic Description

  • Hair Color: Brilliant Black
  • Eye Color: Sky Blue
  • Weight: 113 lbs
  • Height: 5'4

Advanced Description

  • Figure/Build: Curvy
  • Birthmarks/Distinguishing Features/Scars: None
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: Earrings
  • Writing Hand: Left Handed


  • Casual: Rosanna wears a white shoulderless shirt, with a white cardigan, and a black skirt, with black stockings, her hair also is let free, and it falls down to her mid back.
  • Fair Weather School Uniform: She wears the typical non-clique uniform with her hair in a bun.
  • Winter Uniform: She wears extra tight white tights, with the non-clique uniform, and her hair is in a ponytail, with a teal and white scarf.
  • Winter Casual: Rosanna wears jeans, a white turtle neck and a white beanie.
  • Swim: She wears a blue one piece swimsuit.
  • Pajamas: She wears plaid green and purple pajama bottmoms and a white t-shirt.
  • Halloween: She wears a tight red and white polkadot leotard with a red and white polka dotted bow in her hair, she tries to look like minnie mouse.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Bullworth Academy, Girls Dorm Room 65.

Originated From: Bullworth, New Hampshire.

Travelled Territories: None

Fears: Arachnophobia

Religions/Beliefs: Catholic

  • Why? She is Italian, and Catholicism is the main religion.

Health Information

Physical Ailments/Issues/Disabilities: Rosanna has oppositional defiant disorder, just like her brother does, she defies her parents' authority.

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Student
  • Likes: Making out, Cute nerds, Romantic dates, her hair.
  • Dislikes: Jocks, Her brother, Greasers.

Goals/Ambitions: Become a professional dating coach.

Most Painful Moment: Back when Rosanna and Lefty were babies, Lefty hit Rosanna in the face with a little league hockey stick, leaving a big bruise for quite a while, she still hasn't forgiven her brother for it.

Weapons/Equipment: Lip gloss.

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Sweet, Friendly, Flirtatious, Low Standards
  • Cons: Defiant, Promiscuous, Can be extremely bitchy, Catty.


  • When she takes a boy on a date, she is likely to be sure they will be able to get another girlfriend, after learning how to take a girl on a date.
  • She can make any boy feel cute and attractive.
  • Easiest way to get into the dating scene of Bullworth Academy without being rejected.
  • Has extremely low standards.


  • Will seduce anyone when she wants to.
  • Extremely promiscuous.
  • Can turn into a bitch when ignored.
  • Can be catty with the other girls in the school.

Stereotype: That slut over there.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: When her hair is in a ponytail, she frequently plays with it.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength - (3/10)

  • She can't fight for shit, but she can dodge and block a punch like her brother.

Attractive - (9/10)

  • She is a highly attractive girl, but she's in everybody's league.

Honestly - (5/10)

  • When her parents ask her the question "Who's your next boyfriend gonna be?" She typically tries to lie about having another boyfriend, but gives in when there's another new student.

Rule Abiding - (4/10)

  • She is frequently breaking the relationships rule, and has a full blown makeout session with a boy in public, and she doesn't give a shit.

Sociability - (10/10)

  • She isn't that popular, do to slut shaming, but again, she doesn't give a shit, and frequently socializes with the boys.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason For Enrolling: Her older brother goes to Bullworth, and it was close by.

Clique: None

Standing and Rank in Social Circle: She's an outcast, but she doesn't care, because she wants to provide some entertainment for the nerds and the other outcasts.

Room Number: 65

Roomates: Lacey Atkins, Audrey San Lorenzo.

Favorite Subject(s): English

  • Why? "I like English because it's the easiest class in the school.

Least Favorite Subject(s): Biology, Chemistry, Math.

  • "I hate Biology because I'm partners with my brother, and it's hard. I hate Chemistry because the teacher is an idiot and again, it's too hard. I sometimes ditch math because Mr. Hattrick is one fat son of a bitch."


Languages: English, French

Grade: 11

Specialty: Languages, Arts

  • Chemistry: 46%
  • Botany/Biology: 50%
  • Mathematics: 45%
  • English: 96%
  • Geography: 88%
  • Politics/Law: 69%
  • Government: 20%
  • Economics: 49%
  • Cooking/Culinary: 98%
  • Shop: 65%
  • Mythology: 89%
  • Photography: 95%
  • French: 97%
  • Health/Gym: 70%
  • Reading Level: Average.


Best Friend(s)

Brittney Demers - (Best Friend)

  • Brittney and Rosanna met in 5th grade, they both like to go on double dates with their new boyfriends often. They often do eachothers hair and makeup when they hang out together.

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