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Roxanne Smith
illustrated by Memai

Full name:

Roxanne Angelina Smith






March 19th


Surrey, England






Average, pudgy, flat-chested




"Oh, crackers."

Roxanne Smith was created by she who shall not be named for The Bully Roleplay Forums and was one the first characters to appear on the boards at the time.


The Smith's and Harrington's always had a good relationship between each other, even more so when Mr. Smith was asked to be a Chief of Staff at a hospital funded by the Harrington family. The Harrington's needed someone of skill to further their business, while the Smith's needed the opportunities offered by the Harrington's.

Despite the mutual relationship between the two families, their only children, Derby and Roxy, cannot stand one another. Because her father was offered a job by the Harrington's, it only made sense (to them) that she would attend Bullworth Academy and to also have a place within the Harrington house. A place fitting for a young lady of her wealth.

A little while before attending the academy, Roxanne had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting the other preps. She found their company rather pretentious and was completely taken aback when she learned of their bullying, arrogant tendencies towards other, less wealthier, students in the school. Naturally, being the little bleeding heart that she is, she protested their behaviour.

The other preps didn't take kindly to her small outrage, especially Derby, and tried to convince her otherwise. She had none of it, even going so far as to saying that she disliked Aquaberry, who always made their sweaters a little too stuffy for her own taste.

It wasn't long before she too became a target of the Preppies' bullying. Her meek demeanor and small stature make her an even easier target for them, though she now knows to stay clear away from them. While she's happier with her oddball friends like Kay and Judy, she's perpetually unhappy at the constant bullying she receives day in and out, and thus, keeps a low profile and well away from any areas that may potentially have Preps wandering about.


Roxanne is quite shy and meek, but she is friendly and polite to those around her, even when confronted by Preps. She's quite studious and academic, preferring to study for an upcoming test or read a book, rather than going out to partie or causing any sort of trouble. She's kind and helpful to those who are in need, believing that no one should be denied help or assistance, and will often go into sticky situations just to help her friends out.

Despite her seemingly good-girl, teacher's pet persona, she can be something of a cynic, often citing the other students' antics as 'mad', as well as making rather cutting remarks about her bullies when they aren't around. While her curious nature made her excel in school, and is rightfully proud of it, she has an awful habit of sticking her nose into other people's business, especially if they're her friends, or people she simply admires. She's not above eavesdropping, stalking or even Facebook hunting if it means getting the sort of information she wants to hear. She constantly confuses her nosiness as curiosity and has gotten her into a load of trouble as well.

If something upsets her enough she won't be afraid to stand up against the offending person in question, however, when confronted with a dangerous situation, she'd much rather run or let her friends finish her fights. Suffice to say, she can be something of a coward when the situation gets too hot.

Despite all that though, she's sweet as can be and tries to see the good in others. She's a bit of an optimist and believes that things always get better eventually.


-coming soon, darlings! -


Goals: To be a world renowned surgeon, like her father

Fears: Disappointing her friends and family

Hobbies: Reading medical journals or watching documentaries

Beliefs: Somewhat pragmatic, she's not awfully religious and while logical conclusions almost always make the most sense, there's nothing wrong with believing that better things are on its way.

Passions: Helping people and those around her

Outlook on Life: We all bleed the same color, therefore, we are all equal.


Physical Strength: 2/10 [ Pedro punches harder ]

Endurance: 2/10 [ Her little short legs could probably carry her to safety, but that's about it ]

Attractiveness: 4/10 [ She only has average looks, wears modest clothes and only mascara for makeup. She brushes her hair and wears clean clothes, but doesn't go out of the way for looking appealing ]

Honesty: 5/10 [ The truth may prevail, but there's nothing wrong with telling half-truths. After all, what they don't know won't hurt them ]

Intelligence (Left): 7/10 [ She absorbs lessons like biology and chemistry very easily ]

Intelligence (Right): 2/10 [ Has little to no creative bones in her body. Thinks inside the box and follows the rule books at all times ]

Compassion: 10/10 [ No one should be denied medical aid, even if you're Derby Harrington himself ]

Relationships with others

  • Her best friends are Kay, Judy and Dee. This tiny quadrant of misfits are usually seen together.
  • She's more tolerable of much nicer students like Angie and Christy, though she won't necessarily approach them because of their friendships with Mandy and Pinky.
  • She has a terrible infatuation with Peanut from the Greasers. He doesn't seem to notice her though.
  • She stays well away from the Preps. The sight of Aquaberry is enough to send her running off in the opposite direction.
  • The Nerds annoy her, Kay being the exception, but she'd prefer their company over anyone else on any given day.
  • She is on seemingly good terms with Will, the head prefect from Gentlemen's 9th. At least on good enough terms to hold polite conversation with him. She is intimidated by him, though.


Walking around

  • "Cor, I'm going to be late!"
  • "Did I just see a Prep walk by? Oh, today's not my day, is it?"
  • "Peanut's awfully cute ♥"


Good terms:

  • "Hello, there!"
  • "Good to see you."
  • "Everything alright?"

Bad terms

  • "Please, just leave me alone."
  • "*whimper*"
  • "Oh cor, what now?"

Saying Goodbye

Good terms:

  • "Cheers!"
  • "So I'll be seeing you around?"
  • "Must be off now."

Bad terms:

  • "I thought you'd never leave!"
  • "Don't talk to me again!"
  • "Good riddance!"

When flirted with

Good terms:

  • "Oh...oh my."
  • "You're not joking, are you?"
  • "You're awfully kind."

Bad terms:

  • "That's really inappropriate"
  • "I beg your pardon?"
  • "Oh please."

Watching a fight

  • "Oh, this can't end well!"
  • "Shouldn't someone call 911?"
  • "Nurse!"

Trivia and Extra Information

  • Her favorite musicians are Queen and Elvis Presley. She also likes some 1950's revivalist bands as well.
  • Her favorite foods are Fish and Chips (extra vinegar on the chips) and English pudding
  • Likewise, her favorite drink is sparkling grape drink.
  • She dislikes food that are too hot and spicy.
  • She is honestly appalled at addictive behaviours such as smoking, why would you put your body through all that?

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