Ryan Irvin was born in Houston, Texas.


One thing to note about Ryan is that he doesn't often leave the inner confines of his own social circle. Those outside his circle he deems to be weak, and not worth the time of day, when he does associate with them he is cold, dismissive, and rude. The only worthy thing he finds in them is to bully them. He mostly Bullies as a reminder of how the pecking order is instilled and that those being bullied are to remain at their lowly level, while he is at the top. He is very competitive and will aim to outperform others to show them they just aren't on his level.  

The only time he would come to reach outside his social circle was the 'friendship' with Michael, of whom he saw to have promise as a protege of sorts when he first arrived at Bullworth. They formed a friendship which was mostly about Ryan 'training' Michael to adhere to his ways but once they became competitive with one another, and Ryan realized Michael was a threat, the two developed a rivalry. This rivalry saw both parties try to outdo each other at every turn.    


He is tall, strong and lean. His hair is dirty blond and he stands at 6'0" and is 194 pounds. He mostly wears the school letterman's jacket, with the school slack, and very basic, green running shoes.

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