Ryan Irvin was born in Houston, Texas.


One thing to note about Ryan is that he doesn't often leave the inner confines of his own social circle. Those outside his circle he deems to be weak, and not worth the time of day, when he does associate with them he is cold, dismissive, and rude. The only worthy thing he finds in them is to bully them. He mostly Bullies as a reminder of how the pecking order is instilled and that those being bullied are to remain at their lowly level, while he is at the top. He is very competitive and will aim to outperform others to show them they just aren't on his level.  

The only time he would come to reach outside his social circle was the 'friendship' with Michael, of whom he saw to have promise as a protege of sorts when he first arrived at Bullworth. They formed a friendship which was mostly about Ryan 'training' Michael to adhere to his ways but once they became competitive with one another, and Ryan realized Michael was a threat, the two developed a rivalry. This rivalry saw both parties try to outdo each other at every turn.    


He is tall, strong and lean. His hair is dirty blond and he stands at 6'0" and is 194 pounds. He mostly wears the school letterman's jacket, with the school slack, and very basic, green running shoes.


Not much information is given on what Ryan's childhood was like. He was born in Houston, Texas and his father is believed to be abusive to both him, and his mother. He hated his father but also highly respected him. He arrived at Bullworth in the eighth grade and in his Freshman year befriended Ted Thompson.

By the time he was a junior Ryan was one of the star players on the team and had catapulted himself up the popularity rankings. It was at this time Ted became the leader of the clique, despite Ryan's ambitions to be the Jock leader. Ryan believed that under Ted's rule the Jocks would not be as respected unless he were the one calling the shots. When Michael Jones arrived at Bullworth Ryan instantly saw promise in him and reached out to him, insisting that removing Ted would mean they would rule the school. The plan was for Michael, an outsider, to remove Ted and allow Ryan to take control. What Ryan didn't tell Michael was that the plan to rule the school didn't involve Michael at all. Ryan planned to turn on Michael and take the school for himself.

Despite not having the rule over the Jocks clique in his final year of high school Ryan holds enough influence to call the shots over most of the Jocks except for Ted, and Damon. He'd even claim to be in charge of the Jocks, seeing as how he views himself to be their 'intellectual superior.'


Love Interest(s):

Beatrice Trudeau: Beatrice and Ryan have formed a secret relationship. The two were partnered together on an assignment and soon found themselves allured to one another. Ryan, on his part, is ashamed of this relationship as he believes that should anyone noteworthy discovers this he will lose his credibility as one of the 'cool guys' on campus.

Mandy Wiles: Ryan's current love interest, though more of political interest than any romantic attraction as she is the top girl at the academy and should Ryan acquire her it would put him in a position to hold the most power at the academy.


Ted Thompson: The two formed a friendship in the 9th grade and have been best friends since. Once Ted became leader of the clique though he quickly became a competitor for Ryan, who had aspirations to lead the clique since he arrived at the academy. Ryan sees him as his best friend, but also believes he is unfit to lead the clique.

Damon West: As far as Ryan is concerned Damon is the only real threat he has at the school. Even with that he thinks of him as a dumb brute. Still he has respect for Damon and would not willingly cross him unless a plan was already in place.

Jocks: Ryan views the other members of the clique to be under his command. Many of them are afraid of him as he is cold, and ruthless. He is aware that Ted and Damon run the clique but also that he is the true brains behind the operation.




Bucky Pasteur: Ryan is completely aware of Bucky's feelings for Beatrice and uses his standing in the school to completely belittle the Nerd. Even when in denial of his feelings for Beatrice he still is unwilling to let this dork anywhere near her.

Algernon Papadopoulos: Algie despises Ryan more than any of the other Jocks at the academy. Ryan targets Algie out of pure joy.


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