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Ryan Irvin Casual Outfit

"Ya know, it's okay if you're envious of me. Honestly it is."

-Ryan Irvin bragging. He is 16 years-old.

Characteristics Ryan Irvin was born in Houston, Texas. But later his family moved to Bullworth, he has an abusive father and sometimes talks about "getting back at that bastard" and also treats others the way he is treated by his father. His mother divorced his dad and left him to get beaten, abused, and rot with his father. He is a jock and plays a lot of sports and is very good at them. Often exclaiming that he is the best athlete at Bullworth. He is also from a very rich background.


He is a cocky, overconfident, and very brash individual. He bullies others and says that he was joking every time he did it. Even saying that he does it because it's funny. He is very athletic and doesn't think very highly of those who don't do sports. He also gets angry when rumors go around saying that he is afraid to fight Michael. He also very intelligent and even though he is a jock he takes joy in outsmarting other jocks. He is friends with Ted Thompson. He thinks of Jimmy Queen as his little buddy but is too blind to see that Jimmy has a strong hatred of him. He sees himself higher then others at Bullworth. He is also very sneaky and manipulative similar to Whitney but also is a great liar. Even though he is a great fighter he would rather avoid to get his hands dirty, and he enjoys to stir up trouble and drama. 

He has big dreams of taking over the Jock clique once Ted and Damon graduate. Even though he's friends with Ted he feels he could do so much better for the clique being that he is smarter and more devious then Ted. He is almost like Derby of the Jocks.

(Many students think of him as the new Gary Smith)


He is tall, strong and muscular. His hair is dirty blond he stands at 6'0" and is 220 pounds. He is blue eyes and is of German descent. He has a very muscular body type. Many students are afraid of him due to his appearance and fighting style.


Michael Diaz: Ryan thinks of Michael as his protege and thinks that their friendship is higher then it actually is. He is also afraid of Michael in a way, he backs down away from Michael when he is ready for a fight and claims behind his back that Mike is afraid of him. He is also afraid that Michael will steal his glory and is also jealous of Michael due to him being really sweet, charismatic, and sensative and that many people think that he is a better athlete then Ryan is.

Jimmy Queen: Ryan constantly bullies and berates Jimmy. 

Luis Luna: Ryan treats Luis like trash and calls him a "greaseball with a lettermans jacket" he is the only jock that Ryan dislikes and the only jock that dislikes him aswell.

Jocks: Ryan gets along with all the other Jocks and is bestfriends with Ted. Although due to him being smarter then most of the Jocks he often plans against them. Telling Michael to beat them up at one point.

Preppies: Ryan has a distrust of the Preppies and often gets Michael to do his bidding against them.

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