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Ryan Steinmetz
Name Ryan Steinmetz
Nickname(s) Mr. Stein (by Kai)
Age 15
Birthday 2 October, 1993
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Height 5'7
Clique None
Gender Male
Status Student
Relatives Unnamed parents
Eye color Brown
Hair color Chocolate brown
Sexuality Heterosexual

"I really hate this school. It's exactly like how my dad described it."
— Ryan about the school

Ryan Steinmetz is a main character in A Walk On The Wild Side by Cazanna. He is the best friend of Kai and also a rival when it comes to academics.


Ryan was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to unnamed parents on 2 October, 1993. Before arriving at Bullworth, he attended many schools, but was either kicked out or bullied out of them, resulting in his rebellious behavior. He then moved to Montgomery, Alabama to be with his grandparents, an upper middle-class couple and started at an all-boys school with strict rules and teachers to change his nehavior, but with no results. When a fire burned down an empty building, it was discovered that Ryan was one of the arsonists. He was then sent to juvenile detention for a year, sent back to his home in New Orleans and spent rest of the year without attending school. To his surprise, his mother had not given up on him and decided to let him attend a boarding school named Bullworth Academy in Bullworth, New England in New Hampshire.

Appearance and personality

Ryan is a 15 year old boy with coiffed chocolate brown hair and brown eyes, and is when studying seen with glasses. He is not the most handsome of the guys, but he states that a few girls thinks he is a dreamguy. His school uniform consists of a gray Bullworth vest over the standard white shirt, a pair of gray school slacks and black shoes with blue shoelaces. During winter time he replaces the vest with a gray Bullworth hoodie, keeps his gray slacks and shoes and adds a black beanie.

Just as Kai, Ryan is a medium sized kid with a bad attitude. He's got small, almost invisible freckles on his nose,a trait he hates about himself. Being a rebellious teen, he has good fighting skills and is tough as a "gorilla". He has chosen to be a relatively calm student, and does not engage in fights if he's not threatened. He likes to study to get good grades, but is not a nerd. While not being good with feelings, he knows whenever others are feeling down and will gladly help them get back in a good mood.

He also thinks that the greasers are after him, as he used to flirt with Lola quite a lot when he was on good terms with her. Being a paranoid boy, he thinks everyone has a grudge against him. He hates the townies so much that he once went berserk when one of them had an argument with him.

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