"Am I seriously the only Japanese greaser?!"
— Ryo

Ryo Hisamatsu is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Ryo Hisamatsu
Ryo Hisamatsu
Birthday January 17th, 1988
Aliases - Ryo Janiero
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Phantom Black
Height 5'7
Grade Senior
Clique Greasers
Status Follower
Gender Male
Creator Westside JDM


Ryo stands at an average 5'7, and has phantom black hair with sienna brown eyes.

He wears a black leather jacket, over a non-clique uniform, with black jeans and steeltoe boots. In the winter, he zips up the jacket.


Despite being the only Japanese greaser, Ryo keeps a cool, calm, and collected personality, and remains confident that he's unique out of all of the other greasers, as there weren't many Greasers in Japan during the 1950s.

Despite he's struggling in some of his classes, he remains optimistic that he can do better in class.

He speaks in the purest Japanese accent, it is said to be the best Japanese accent in the school.

He is rather funny, he's always trying to be funny, but it never works. It mainly works when he's least expecting it.

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