Not to be confused with Taylor Silacci or Juliette Silacci, Two of her sisters

"When I move away, I'm moving as far away from here as possible"
— Samantha
Samantha Silacci
Samantha Murphy
Birthday August 19th, 1991
Aliases - Sam
- Tomcat
Eye Color Forest Green
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 5'6
Grade Sophomore
Clique Guerrilla
Status Student
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Albert Silacci - Father
Taylor Silacci - Older Sister
Juliette Silacci - Twin Sister
McKayla Silacci - Younger sister
Maya Robinson - Mother
Ashley Robinson - Cousin
Hometown Cape May, New Jersey
Nationality Canadian
Rival Anyone popular
Affiliations Marissa Belmonte - Best friend
Main Hangouts Basement
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Samantha May Silacci
Samantha May Silacci

Samantha Silacci is a third-generation Original Character going under development by Westside JDM. She is to be featured in a story named "Life as a slave to a teacher." Which is the spiritual sequel to My life as a slave to my dad.


She has black hair and green eyes. Her hair is longer than her siblings' hair is, her younger sister wears her hair in a bob, her twin sister wears her hair to about her upper back, and her older sister's hair is shoulder length.

Her sisters have either la salle green or duke blue eyes, but she has forest green eyes, their hair is charcoal black, but Sam's is brilliant black, and she has bangs over her forehead.

Since she joined the guerrillas, she doesn't wear the uniform. She wears an olive green jacket with brown cargo pants and black boots. In the winter, she simply zips up the jacket and puts on fingerless gloves.

She's Canadian on her mom's side, but Swiss and Italian on her father's side. She's proud to be Canadian, but doesn't pay attention to her Italian and Swiss descent.

She stands at an average height of five feet and six inches tall.


She is a forgiving girl, despite being friends with a bunch of students who don't believe in forgiving bullies. She still however dislikes her sisters, because they are jerks to her.

She is a smart girl, She is passing all of her classes, except for government, due to her father unfairly grading all of the unpopular students

Sociability wise, she's in between social and anti-social. When she is going through a hard time or when she's depressed, she is anti-social, but it's rare for her to be like that. Usually, she's a sociable person. However, she sees being in a relationship is just an excuse not to get anything done in school

Over the years of being bullied and lacking support from her parents, she's able been able to handle conflicts and problems by herself, She's gotten into a couple of fights with most of her enemies, She's not afraid to throw down on anybody who insults her, and angers her or he friends, that being said, she gets in plenty of fights with her rivals, and there's a fifty percent chance she'll either win or lose.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

Sam likes to draw. She's a very capable sketch artist, but she has terrible self-criticism issues; and can be quite the perfectionist. If there's an improperly drawn line, she's likely to crumple the paper up and throw it away, but this causes her to do below average in art, despite the fact she has potential to become a truly talented artist.

To keep in shape, she runs a lot. Her sisters see her as crazy; because of the amount of running Mr. Burton demands his students to perform is unbelievable. But she can't exactly run the track, due to the insane ten mile relay race events that go down at track meets. She is capable of delivering a seven minute mile run, but after that; she's worn out.

She doesn't exactly like Grottos and Gremlins, but she does enjoy a good game of Ace Combat. Her favorite plane in the game is either the F-16 "Fighting Falcon" The A-10 "Thunderbolt II" or the F-15E "Strike Eagle" but her absolute favorite plane is the F/A-18E "Super Hornet" and the F-22 "Raptor." She gets a lot of criticism from her sisters for liking such an absurd and lifeless subject. Her comeback towards her sisters would typically be "It's better than making out with a guy that doesn't even like you." and the comeback never fails to shut her sisters up, because they cannot say anything back.

She also enjoys Mercenaries: Playground of destruction. She loves to cause generic destruction for a cheap laugh, Calling in an "Air superiority" strike on the The People's Liberation Army of China's airspace patrol helicopters for no good reason makes her laugh every time, and she laughs hard as the helicopters spin out of control to the ground and then blow up. She also likes to roam around North Korea with an North Korean Mi-35 Gunship, blowing everything in her sight thing up.

Lastly, she does like to do yoga. She typically does it when she's home alone, and that's when her family goes on a vacation. If it's somewhere just to go sight-seeing, she's gonna pass; but going to see family in Italy is a different story. She does yoga to relax, and get more flexible. She is capable of doing the splits, and none of her family knows of this. But it's rare for her to do the splits.

Overall, Sam is a girl who may be considered a nerd, she's just a girl with nerdy interests.

Relationship with family

The relationship she has with her family is like China and Tibet, She chooses to live on campus from time to time. When she moves to the girl's dorm, it's typically because none of her sisters live there. She is regularly picked on by her older and twin sister, but Sam chooses to fight back. Her younger sister also tries to pick on Samantha, but fails to do so, because she's in her own world.

Her relationship with her parents is even worse. Her mother is rarely home, due to her job, and her dad does not enforce any bad behavior done by Sam's sisters. When Mrs. Silacci is home, Mr. Silacci acts like he treats all four of his daughters equally, but again; when she is gone, he reverts back to his mean self, and goes back to bullying Sam.

As stated in her story, her family frequently goes on sight seeing trips to places around the world. She typically chooses to stay home, because she gets to be alone. Her decision is always made because her dad, and her sisters pick on her and exclude her from things, be it going out to dinner, a family photo, or something else. They always go to the same places, and they always come back wanting to go back to wherever they went to.

But when they go to see family in Italy, she is forced to go. The good thing is, her grandparents favor Sam over her sisters, because she has better manners and is more courteous. Her mom's sister also knows when Taylor, McKayla, and Juliette are bullying her, and forces them to stop or she won't buy them anything.

All in all, it is safe to say Samantha has a bad relationship with her siblings and parents.

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