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Samantha Silacci is a character created by Westside JDM

NOTE: If spoken with a Canadian and a New Jersey accent, you're imitating Sam.

General Dialogue

Wandering around

  • "Are we really running the mile in gym today, eh? I'm ready for it."
  • "When I graduate, I'm moving as far away from here as possible."
  • "I hate this place."
  • "Popularity is for squares."


  • "Did you hear Johnny and Derby are going to fight later today?"
  • "I heard the Edgemons are back at it again, and Machaley wants to fight Julia."
  • "Have you guys ever gone to a Harrington house party? Taylor dragged me to one the other day."
  • "Have you ever gotten busted by the prefects? I heard they beat people up. That's Insane!"

Fire alarm pulled

  • "Whoever pulled that crap, you dropping a GBU-43 on yourself!"
  • "No government class! Hell yeah! Dad can't fail me!"
  • "My ears! Christ! Why are those things so damn loud?!"


On good terms

  • "What's all good in the hood?"
  • "What's the word?"
  • "What's going on?"
  • "What's up, brother from another mother?!"

On bad terms

  • "Here we go again"
  • "Not now, not ever."
  • "Get away from me!"

Greeted by/Greeting certain people

Greeted by/Greeting Taylor Silacci

  • "I hang out with them because they're my friends."
  • "How are they a bad influence? We are all military enthusiasts who like a little adrenaline."
  • "She rarely talks to me any more."

Greeted by/Greeting Juliette Silacci

  • "I think your position on the cheer squad has gotten to your head."
  • "You're not fit to be a cheerleader."
  • "Listen to Taylor, she proves a valid point."

Reacting to the TV turned off

  • "I was watching that crap!"
  • "That's not cool, turn it back on."
  • "Turn that crap back on!"

Watching a fight

  • "This is sketch!"
  • "What if the prefects intercept you guys?"
  • "Someone's about to give in!"

Flirted with

On good terms

  • "Well, if you're trying to put it that way..."
  • *Stutters* "I've n-never kissed before."
  • "What does that mean?"
  • "I've never really gotten a compliment from somebody who's not in my family."

On bad terms

  • "Beat it"
  • "Get out."
  • "Keep on walking."
  • "Not even."

Criticized for playing video games by her sisters

  • "It's better than making out with a guy that doesn't even like you!"
  • "At least it keeps me entertained, it's impossible to impress you guys!"

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