"I need a fight." -Samuel Larson. Samuel is almost as feared as Devin himself. He is a member of Devin's Crew and holds a lengthy reputation around campus.


Samuel is quiet but uses his actions of violence and debauchery to speak for him. He loves to physically bully others and is probably the most physical of Devin's Crew, save for Devin himself. He is absolutely sadistic and ruthless. He is the most aggressive of his clique. Despite being friends with the Jocks, his closest ties are to Devin himself.


Samuel is 6'2", and weighs 286 pounds. He is chilled muscle, literally no fat on him. He is a large, bulky man. He has black hair in the shape of a mohawk and brown eyes. He mostly wears his Bullworth Bulls Jersey around campus. He is a Linebacker and is of African descent.


Samuel was raised by a family of super athletes. From a young age he worked hard, and if it wasn't sufficient his dad made him do it again, even belittling him until he strived for better. Samuel was sent to Bullworth with hopes that it would toughen him up, and that the school had a reputation for making world class athletes.

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