Not to be confused with Samuel Larson, an OC with the same first name.

"Shut the fuck up!!"
— Samuel when greeted

Samuel McDaniel is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is based off of somebody JDM isn't on friendly terms with

Samuel McDaniel
Samuel McDaniel
Birthday September 11, 1990.
Aliases - Sam The Man
Eye Color Nogaro Blue
Hair Color Phoenix Brown
Height 6'3
Grade Sophomore
Clique Hippy
Status Follower
Relationship Status Fuckboy
Gender Male
Hometown Salinas, California
Nationality Irish
Rival Alexei Popovich
Affiliations Many girls around the school
Main Hangouts New Coventry
Creator Westside JDM


He stands at a height of 6'3, has phoenix brown hair and nogaro blue eyes. Many girls consider him good looking, which he uses to his advantage, to get to girls' hearts.

He ignores the uniform, and wears a white tennis shirt, with black jeans, and blue and white etnies sneakers.

In the winter, he puts on a winter jacket, and black gloves.

On halloween, he puts on a punk outfit


Samuel is a cruel person, and likes to lure people into fighting him, because he's a tough guy, but has a jaw made of glass, but it doesn't mean he can't beat up anyone in the school. He also doesn't fight unless the person he threatens throws the first punch.

He's also a major trash talker, who's been put in his place multiple times, He's been able to put people in their place, but when he talks trash to the smarter people, his dumb jock attitude kicks in, and he loses intelligence, and then gets roasted

He also is extremely rude, when somebody says something, he'll tell them to "Shut the fuck up" when there's nothing better he can say.

Lastly he's extremely loud, He is as loud as a helicopter when he's supposed to be quiet, no wonder why he got banned from the library forever.

Despite having a jaw made of glass, he is still a skilled fighter, who practices Wrestling and Boxing, he may look intimidating, but he can get knocked out if hit in the jaw or the throat.

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