"I hate being an Albino"
— Sandra
Sandra Seier
Sandra Seier
Birthday December 16th, 1990
Aliases - Sandy
Eye Color Laser Red
Hair Color Casa Blanca White
Height 5'3
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Status Outcast
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Edward Seier - Father
Hometown Bullworth - New Hampshire
Nationality British
Rival Everybody
Affiliations Anti-Social
Main Hangouts Girl's dorm
Creator Westside JDM

Sandra Seier is a Third-Generation original character created by Westside JDM


She has casa blanca white hair, with lazer red eyes. She stands at 5'3. She wears the non-clique uniform, with opaque white stockings, due to her albinism, she also wears black Mary-Jane shoes.

She has to cover every part on her body, or else the sun's radiation will kill her.

In the winter, she puts on a parka hoodie and tundra pants, with hiking boots, because she could possibly get hypothermia due to her extremely pale skin.


She's a quiet person, and she's anti-social. She's harsh to everybody, and anybody who pokes fun at her condition, she'll likely attack them.

Because of the popular crowd, she is an outcast. She walks school alone, but she enjoys being alone, because she hates everybody.

When she gets bullied by the other girls, she tries her best to fight back, and tries to insult them back with nasty and cheap insults.

She doesn't really know when people are using her her or trying to legitimately be friends with her, when somebody is trying to be nice to her, she usually blows them off and then if they don't leave her alone, she's likely to tell them to go away.

Because nobody really accepts her for who she is, she does much better in school than a majority of people, and she spends most of her time studying instead of socializing.

She is intelligent too, because of the time she's taken to study, and not socialize.

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