"I've already wet myself once this month. If I do it again, they'll never let me hear the end of it."
— Algernon Papadopoulos

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Save Algie is a storyline mission of Chapter 1 in Bully.

Save Algie
Save algie
Jimmy and Algernon in the library.
Location: Library
Faction: Bullies -10
Nerds +5
Reward: $5.00
Unlocks: That Bitch
Defend Bucky

Mission Summary

Jimmy Hopkins is walking through the Library, and he begins to slow as he sniffs something smelly in the air (most likely the odor of urine). Algernon Papadopoulos speaks to him, and mentions that 'everyone is talking about him', saying that Jimmy is friends with 'that sociopath Gary'.

He then proceeds to ask Jimmy for help, explaining that he needs to get some library books from his locker that need to be returned, but that he's scared to go without a bodyguard because of the Bullies. He asks Jimmy to pretend to be his friend and walk with him. Jimmy is disinterested, but Algie offers to pay, which sparks Jimmy's interest.

Algie offers Jimmy $2, but Jimmy insists on $5 and forces Algie to agree on $5.

Save Algie Algernon Papadopoulos Jimmy Hopkins

Jimmy and Algie talking.

The two exit the library, where Davis White, Troy Miller, and Wade Martin are waiting to attack Algie. Jimmy beats them up, and then Algie informs Jimmy that he needs to go to the bathroom. Jimmy must get Algie to the bathroom before Algie wets himself, as he claims he already has once already that month. Trent Northwick and Troy Miller wait in the first-floor boys' bathroom, ready to remind Algie that he is not allowed to use that bathroom. If Jimmy knocks them out, Algie will refuse to use the stall because there is no lock on it. If Jimmy tries to take Algie into a girls' bathroom, Algie freaks out.

Algie and Jimmy enter the second-floor boys' bathroom, and upon their arrival Pedro De La Hoya and Eunice Pound run out of a bathroom stall that they were in together, giggling. Algie enters a vacant stall, and Wade and Troy enter, attacking Jimmy. Algie complains about the noise, claiming it makes him too nervous to use the bathroom, and after Jimmy knocks out the two bullies, Algie is free to do his business.

After finishing, Algie exits the stall and washes his hands, claiming his 'mommy' always told him to do so. The pair then heads to Algie's locker, where Algie takes his library books out and pays Jimmy the $5.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 06 Save Algie04:28

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 06 Save Algie

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