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"Mr. Silacci's so stupid, he doesn't know I shred most of his papers."
— Sean
Sean O'Riley
Sean O'Riley
Birthday June 20th, 1990
Aliases - Sheen
- Spectre
Eye Color Davy Gray
Hair Color Jet black
Height 5'9
Grade Sophomore
Clique Guerrilla
Status Follower
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Family Ross O'Riley - Father
Chloe Walsh - Mother
Hometown Bullworth, New Hamphshire
Nationality Irish
Rival Anyone popular
Affiliations Guerrillas
Main Hangouts Basement
Creator Westside JDM

Sean O'Riley is a third-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


He dresses like he's popular, with a knockoff jersey he bought from the student store. Everybody thinks he plays for the Bullhorns, but he doesn't.

He wears light brown slacks, and blackish green combat boots.

In the winter, he adds a leather jacket, and puts on jeans.

His hair is jet black, and his eyes are Davy Gray. He stands at 5'9. He is often told by everybody that he looks more like a Junior than a Sophomore.


He's laid back, most of the time. All he does during his free time is play the drums and the bass guitar.

When he's in Mr. Silacci's class, he's silent. He commonly is assigned to grade students papers, and Mr. Silacci bribes him to give the popular students higher grades, but instead, he throws the popular students papers in Mr. Silacci's document shredder.

With his clique members, he's defensive of them. If he's insulted in their presence, he's likely to challenge the perpetrator to a fight.

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