This article is about the class in which Jimmy Hopkins repairs bikes. For the location, please visit the Auto Shop page.

This is only a brief summary. For more information, please visit the Shop page at Bully Wiki.

Shop is a class available at Bullworth Academy in Bully.


Jimmy entering the Shop garage.

Class Summary

Shop is taught by Neil, and consists of the player rotating the analog stick and pushing buttons according to the game's instructions. In Bully: Scholarship Edition, the player works on the BMX bike earned after Shop 5 rather than a generic red bike.

Shop 2

Jimmy Hopkins working on a bike during Shop.

The class itself involves students working on cars, or in Jimmy Hopkins' case, bikes. According to Neil, only seniors work on cars, implying that Lucky and Lefty are seniors, though they may simply be advanced. Aside from Jimmy, the only other students seen attending Shop class are Greasers.

The cars seen in the Shop garage are two cars seen in GTA, another game by Rockstar. The cars are the Regina, and a modified Stallion.

Johnny Vincent claims Shop is his favorite class, according to the Bully Facebook.


Class Reward
Shop 1 Basic BMX and access to bike garages
Shop 2 Yellow BMX
Shop 3 Green BMX
Shop 4 Blue & White BMX
Shop 5 Red BMX and BMX bike frame room trophy

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