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"We're just the kids who like to skateboard at this school. I mean, what did you expect?"
— Braxton CooperThe Skaters are a fanfictional clique created by SodaCat.

Leader: Braxton Cooper
Second in Command: Yadriel Cruz
Main Hangout: Bike Park

Clique Summary

The Skaters, easily picked out by the fact that they all carry skateboards with them and wear somewhat baggy clothes, are led by senior Braxton Cooper.

Though the social class within the clique ranges from low to high, none of the clique members seem to mind skateboarding in dirty areas or vandalizing Bullworth.

They can be found anywhere in Bullworth, particularly the bike park, usually on skateboards.


Picture Name Description
Braxton Cooper SC
Braxton Cooper A no-nonsense kind of leader, Braxton seems to spend the majority of his time thinking and getting his friends out of trouble.
Yadriel SC
Yadriel Cruz Self-proclaimed rap god and ladies man, Yadriel spends a lot more time talking about his "difficult upbringing" than actually providing evidence for it.
Mila sc
Mila Vargas Quick to anger (and curse), Mila is known best around the academy for both of those things. Ever since the new baby was born, she's been skateboarding a lot more.
Rock Nash
Rock Nash Known around the school for his black market, Rock is among the more socially clumsy, if not dumb members of the Skaters.
Vasily Romanov If it weren't for his habit of not showing up to class, chances are Vasily would be among the smartest students at Bullworth Academy. It doesn't matter, though, surely he'll be the world's next Tony Hawk.
Alexander Drake SC
Alex Drake

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