"Offensive, degrading, patronizing, stereotyping crap! DIE!"
— Brandy

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Small Offences is a non-storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Small Offences
Small offences
Jimmy comforting Brandy.
Location: Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival
Time(s) Available: Any
Reward: Gnome Costume

Mission Summary

Brandy is smashing ceramic garden gnomes with a baseball bat in one of the tents at the carnival, screaming about how offensive they are. Jimmy Hopkins is walking through the carnival, and upon hearing the noise, enters to investigate.

He sees Brandy, and asks her if she is okay. She screams to him that she isn't, and makes him look at the gnomes. Jimmy protests that they are just garden gnomes, but Brandy insists that they are insults and offensive. She admits she'd rather have kids laugh at her, or grown men ask her to do bizarre things to them, than have to deal with the garden gnomes.

She begins to cry, and Jimmy kneels down to her and asks if there is anything he can do to help. Brandy tells him to smash the gnomes, and that Old Bullworth Vale is full of them. She offers to pay Jimmy, and asks him to 'make it stop hurting'. Jimmy agrees, and sets off.

This mission is unique in the sense that it is impossible to fail, as it is technically completed as soon as the cutscene ends. Jimmy may take however long he likes to smash the gnomes.

Video Walkthrough

Bully Scholarship Edition - Garden Gnomes (Small Offences) (1080p) (PC)07:13

Bully Scholarship Edition - Garden Gnomes (Small Offences) (1080p) (PC)

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