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"Ironic now, Ironic forever. That's the way we roll."
— Mark Row

The Sons of Irony are a clique making an appearance in The Sons of Irony. An upcoming fanfiction that will be written by Westside JDM. Their story will take place in the same time as The Mercenaries, and the Bullworth Mob.

Clique Summary

The Sons of Irony, are first and foremost a teenage biker/hillbilly gang looking to cause trouble in Bullworth. They all ride Dirt bikes, and drive jacked up trucks, with airsoft machine guns on them.

They are made up mostly of Delinquents, poor kids, and psychotic teens that all have one thing in common; They all like to cause destruction.

They are all identified by their leather jackets and leather pants, motocross gear, or generally rural outfits.

Their clique name is a play on the TV series Sons of Anarchy. Most of the Sons of Irony enjoy country, or old fashioned punk rock, and they all have a blatant disregard for their education. They all hate the greasers, and their rival clique, the Mafia.

Clique Members

Mark Row- Clique Leader.

Mark is the leader, and rides an Enduro. He is said to be brutal and unforgiving.

Eli Loomis- 2nd in command

Eli is second in command. he drives a white Rebel, that is armed with an airsoft DShK 50 caliber machine gun in the bed. He is tall and cold.

Bud Marston

Bud comes from a bad home, He likes to cause mayhem and destruction everywhere. He rides a Katana (A MotorStorm Dirtbike). He is also tall, but he hits hard.

Clyde Grovner

Clyde is silent and cruel to a touch. He stands at a broad 5'11 and is ready to kick ass at any moment. He rides a Sludgegray (Bike from Fuel)

Levi Kenwright

He is the most psychotic of the group. An emotional terrorist for the Bullies and Preps alike. He rides a Sanchez

Logan Steadman

Logan has the filthiest mouth out of them all. He is unsympathetic towards everyone, and will curse anybody out. He drives a Surger (A car from MotorStorm)

Tanner Murphy

Tanner is the toughest of the group. He knows many illegal professional wrestling moves, and will use them on anyone he has to. He drives a Bushwacker (A truck from MotorStorm) that is armed with an airsoft M134 gatling gun

Max Skillicorn

Max is the guy with some money from his parents. He still is strong, but has extreme anger issues. He drives a GT101 (A car from Motorstorm)

Parker Guthrie

Parker is the boy whose dad was in the military. He knows how to fight like a US Military soldier. He rides a stolen Allied Nations Dirt runner (A dirtbike from Mercenaries)

Audie Burke

Audie is the ladies' man of the group. He is only friendly with girls outside of his clique. He rides a Wildcat (A dirt bike from MotorStorm)

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