Sophia Pashkov is an original character created by Westside JDM.

If spoken with a Russian accent, you're golden.

Walking Around

  • "Мне похуй" (I do not give a fuck anymore)
  • "I want to go back to Russia, I hate America."
  • "This place is not academically challenging enough for me."
  • "Everybody in school is stupid."
  • "Mr. Galloway needs to drink more Vodka."
  • "I hate that senior who calls herself Audrey."
  • "Вива Россия!" (Viva Russia!)

Conversing (Rarely)

  • "I do not believe that there is boy stealing things from Girls dorm."
  • "What is this Bullworth's finest girl thing everybody talks about?"
  • "Mr. Galloway needs to drink vodka."
  • "I do not like Hattrick."

Responding to rumor

  • "Заткнись" (Shut up.)
  • "I do not care about that."
  • "I did not need to know that."
  • "I do not want to know that."
  • "Did I ask about that? No, I did not, now shut up."

Asked pointless question

  • "Figure out question yourself, you stupid twit."
  • "Do not ask me stupid questions, you simpleton."
  • "I am not going to answer your question."
  • "Do not waste my time with such stupid words."

Responding to Public display of affection

  • "That is illegal in Russia, stop it at once!"
  • "That is against rules, stop that immediately!"
  • "I do not wish to see such disgusting behavior."
  • "Back in Russia, you go to jail if you get caught doing that."


Knocked out

  • "Ебать вас..." (Fuck you...)
  • "Это война" (This is war...)
  • "I wish Russia and America were still at war..."
  • "I hate America..."


  • "Я хотела бы вернутся в Россию" (I want to go back to Russia)
  • "I miss mama and otets."
  • "I just HATE IT here in America."

Rat thrown at her

  • "I am going to hit you if you throw rat at me again."
  • "I throw it back at you." *Picks it up and throws it back at assailant*
  • "Do not throw rat at me, or I will throw them back."

Aggravated while reading book

  • "Eat book, bitch!" (Says this when reading a book in her dorm room.)
  • "Do not talk to me, you stupid airhead."
  • "Иди на хуй" (Fuck off!)
  • "You want book in face? Here's book!"

Ran over by bike/car

  • "Научитесь водить!" (Learn how to fucking drive!)
  • "I call police."
  • "Черт побери" (God dammit)

Hit with stink bomb

  • *Cough* *Gag* *Violently hacks* "This smells so vile."
  • *Gags violently* "I think I am going to throw up."
  • "Stop throwing those, please!"
  • "I cannot breathe!"

Requesting Errand

  • "I am in need of your help."
  • "Help me out?"

Giving Errand

  • "I need you to take this book back to library."
  • "There is creep in Bathroom, go deal with him."

Don't hit

  • "Do NOT hit me!"
  • "I really do not understand you Americans."
  • "Why are you hitting me? I am your friend!"


On good terms

  • "Здравствуйте" (Hello)
  • "Hello, my friend."
  • "I feel like you are not threatening to me."

On bad terms

  • "Уходи" (Go away.)
  • "Do not talk to me any further."
  • "I do not like you, and I will not ever like you."

Greeting certain people

Greeted by/Greeting Juri Karamazov

  • "Do not call me litle girl."
  • "Заткнись" (Shut the fuck up.)
  • "Can you understand what I say? Or are you too stupid to understand me?"

Greeted by/Greeting Paige San Lorenzo

  • "Ты глупая собака" (You stupid dog.)
  • "Я не разговариваю с идиотами как ты" (I do not speak idiot like you.)
  • "Вы бесполезны, маленкая девочка" (You are useless little girl.)

Greeted by/Greeting Ava Yurinov

  • "Andrei is mine!"
  • "You will not become smarter than me."
  • "You are not smarter than me, and you never will be!"


On good terms

  • "Прощай, мой друг" (Goodbye, my friend)
  • "Have a nice day."
  • "Goodbye my friend."

On bad terms

  • "Никогда не говори мне ничего снова" (Do not ever say anything to me again.)
  • "Do not talk to me anymore."
  • "Good riddance."

Fire Alarm

  • "Мы собираемся умереть" (Who did it?)
  • "Who pulls alarm during class?"
  • "In Russia, you go to jail for pulling alarm."

Bumped into

On good terms

  • "I did not see you there."
  • "Я прошу прощения" (I am sorry)

On bad terms

  • "Get out of way."
  • "Do not touch me."
  • "Do you not see me walking?"

Fire alarm

  • "What is that sound?"
  • "My ears are ringing!"


  • "Chasing you makes me want to kick ass more!"
  • "You are weak!"
  • "There is no escape from me!"
  • "You can run, but you cannot hide for long!"

Out of breath

  • "К черту" (Fuck it.)
  • "Он слишком быстрый" (He's too fast)
  • "This is stupid."
  • "He is getting away!"

Hidden from

  • "I will find you some day!"
  • "You may have outran me this time, but next time you will not!"
  • "I know you are hiding in there."
  • "I will wait here until you come out from hiding."

Boy in girls dorm

  • "Get out of dorm, now!"
  • "Do not make me go get teacher."

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