"I don't care if you don't care." -Stanley Rhodes. Stanley is a member of Devin's Crew


Stanley is a wild and eccentric student. His wild persona feeds into his bullying preferences and he uses it to push around weaker kids. Stanley is a dirty fighter and likes to use his blade to threaten students with it. His insults are borderline abusive in their own right. He is ruthless and mean. He also has an avid love for skating in general and uses many skating terms.


Standing at a wiry 5'8", and weighing 150 pounds Stanley is slim but athletic and quick. He has long black hair that has mostly been dyed over green. He often times doesn't even wear the school uniform, preferring his Metal Militia shirt over anything else. He has baggy blue jeans, and wears skate sneakers.


Stanley is originally from Liberty City but when his parents had enough of his foul mouth they sent him to Bullworth to hopefully abolish that habit entirely. Since arriving he joined Devin's Crew and has become a cold Bully at Bullworth.

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