"Come on Russell, we've got a house call to make."
— Jimmy Hopkins

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Tad's House is a storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.

Tad's House
Tads house
Tad's house.
Location: Yum Yum Market
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Preppies -15
Reward: $15
Unlocks: Boxing Challenge

Mission Summary

Russell Northrop stands outside of the Yum Yum Market in Old Bullworth Vale, holding up shop owner Mr. Oh in the air by his shirt collar. Mr. Oh is desperately apologizing, and Russell is asking him if he thinks he is dumb, and asking him who's dumb now. Mr. Oh hurriedly tells Russell that he is the one who is dumb, when he sees Jimmy Hopkins walking by.

He refers to Jimmy as 'egg kid', and Jimmy eases Russell into letting Mr. Oh go. Russell complies, and Mr. Oh runs to hide behind Jimmy, and thanks him, saying that 'that dumb kid is really strong'. Russell hears and begins approaching Mr. Oh, but Jimmy stops him.

Mr. Oh asks Jimmy how things went with the eggs he had purchased before, but Jimmy tells him things hadn't gone as he had planned. He adds to never trust a rich kid. Mr. Oh agrees, and asks if it was 'that dumb jerk' Tad Spencer. He then goes on to tell Jimmy that Tad's parents are at his boss' house at a party, in case Jimmy wants to get revenge. Jimmy agrees, and tells Mr. Oh that he guesses he will need more eggs. Mr. Oh agrees, and Jimmy tells Russell that they have 'a house call to make'.

Russell and Jimmy make their way to Tad's house in the residential area. Preps are patrolling the area around Tad's house, and multiple second story windows are open, which Jimmy throws eggs into. With each egg he throws, Tad sends out more Preps to investigate.

Once Jimmy throws eggs into all six windows, all of the Preps come out into the yard. Jimmy has the option to fight them, or leave Tad's house.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 24 Tad's House03:27

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 24 Tad's House

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